Looking for a Good Brand for a Baby Swing

Updated on July 26, 2010
M.!. asks from Boulder, CO
7 answers

I am expecting baby # 3 in November and originally picked out a themed set that I really liked just b/c of the pattern. Then I started to read the reviews and found out the swing with the set sucks! (the reviews wording, not mine, haha). Anyways, what brand or style did you use for a baby swing or what would you recommend.


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answers from Washington DC on

I LOVED my Fisher Price papasan swing. It has a matching bouncer.

I liked that it swung both font to back and side-to-side. I felt comfortable with her being in it and didn't have to worry that the swing was going to throw her out. Now they have several patterns.

The same swing is now on neighbor baby #3, for a total of 4 babies.

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answers from Indianapolis on

We, too, had a Fisher Price through 2 kids and loved it.

However, I wanted to post, for all the Moms who participate in this discussion a new recall on the Nap Nanny infant product that was issued today:

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answers from Atlanta on

We had the Fisher Price Aquarium large swing and portable swing and loved both of them. Unfortunately the portable one broke with baby #2, but the large swing was wonderful and we gave it away after #2 got too big for it so another family could enjoy it. It was truly a lifesaver!

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answers from Houston on

Whatever you choose....get one that PLUGS IN!!!! I could buy a car for all the batteries I purchased for our swing!!!!! My kiddo LOVED her swing....but that thing ATE batteries!!!! I look back and think to myself, "what was I thinking!!!".....

Good Luck in your search!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have the fisher price rainforest and I love it. I think I love it so much is becaue it plugs in, I would only buy one that plugs in. I would have to say the only thing I did not like is it is more just for little ones cause it does not really sit up, when my DD learned how to sit she did not really like it because she wanted to be sitting.

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answers from Atlanta on

We loved the fisher price aquarium swing. I'm so sad that he's grown out of it!!! There were days when he would only nap in it and nowhere else. The only cons were that the music would only last 5-10 minutes and sometimes he would wake up when it would stop... It also only has a 3 point restraint. Our first one died (it was third hand, so I don't think it was a fault of the machine, just used a lot) and we decided to try the graco love n hug swing. I loved the way it looked and its variety of music and soothing sounds that would play as long as you want. Also, it had a 5 point restraint (that converted to 3 if you wanted) and could be plugged in (no running out of batteries)!!! It also has a higher weight limit than the fisher price and looks more sophisticated. However our son wouldn't tolerate it at all! He was so used to the other one that we had to return it and buy another fisher price swing! Hope that's not too confusing. I think he would have loved the Graco if we had started out with it.



answers from Cleveland on

Ok I am swing shopping myself and here is what I found out. Reviews always stink. LOL. I really like the fisher price i-glide, but the reviews are not good, however IMO it can go back to the store if it really is an issue.
Another favorite is the sweetpeace newborn soothing swing, and while I have seen nothing but videos, and it is really expensive the mamaroo swing (totally not actually a swing) is really really neat.

The one thing they all have in common, is that they plug in! however Bright start makes a swing that claims to only use 1 set of batteries in like a year.

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