What Is the BEST Baby Swing?

Updated on December 09, 2011
J.K. asks from Milwaukee, WI
15 answers

...for comfort and safety? The bells & whistles (music, toys, etc...) are nice but not necessary.

All input appreciated! Thanks!!

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answers from Chicago on

My babies loved the Fisher Price Papasan Cradle swing, and it looked so cozy, I often wished I could climb in there! I also liked having a smaller, portable swing that I could move from room to room or take with to grandparents houses, etc.

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answers from St. Louis on

any "cradle" swing wins my vote....I have an older model & it's still going semi-strong. I think anything that survives a daycare & was bought used - is champ material!

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answers from Tulsa on

I had a Graco Lovin' Hug for my son and it was a great swing except that it only took batteries. It was only $64 as opposed to the $125 version that plugged in, so I think I came out ahead. The swing was used frequently, but I didn't have it running nonstop.

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answers from Dallas on

One that can plug in!! We spent a small fortune on C batteries with our last baby. Nothing sucks worse than when they have JUST fallen asleep and the swing dies.

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answers from San Francisco on

The ones that plug into the wall are the best--- its way too expensive to keep buying C and D batteries to constantly feed the swing! GL


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answers from Portland on

I love the Graco Sweetpeace Soother. It isnt a traditional swing, but it goes forward, backward, with its own seat, a snugride and snugride 32 carseats. It plays music that sounds like music, you can even plug in your ipod. It takes batteries or has a wall plug, and it comes apart if you need it to to take it places. This is wonderful if your baby has acid reflux!! I like it a whole lot, but I never had a regular swing because my dd was afraid of it.

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answers from Seattle on

Warning: TRY them out with your baby first. Every baby I'd ever met loved swings and cradles. Until I met my son... who despised them. And then, I met all kinds of parents who said the same thing! Their babies HATED swings either from the start, or after the first couple times. So see if you can borrow one from a friend to "field test" before buying!!!



answers from Chicago on

Save your money. You only use the swing for a few months. I'm not convince they are worth it for the amount of money. They also take up lots of space. a $15 bouncing seat does the same job.

If you are going to get a swing, get one that plugs in.



answers from Washington DC on

I personally really liked our Fisher Price rainforest papasan style swing. It can be a bed for a newborn and adjust to more upright for an older baby. The batteries lasted a long time and I had to take the swing away from DD because she would still climb in when she was too big. If your kid likes swings, you will use it a long time. It also can swing 2 ways, and is very easy to turn.



answers from Augusta on

The best one we had was one that would swing either way it swang up and back and side to side. I don't remember what brand etc it was but that was the best one we had



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with Riley J. I would look at "Once Upon a Child" and try one first or borrow from a neighbor. My oldest loved his swing but my second preferred a vibrating papasan chair and not the swing. Just a thought...



answers from Des Moines on

we had either cosco or graco swings with our two kids. our second preferred his vibrating papasan chair more, which was a fisher price i think.



answers from Washington DC on

The best swing was the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders swing, but alas, Fisher Price has decided not to make it anymore. So, get a swing that plugs into the wall, and can go both side to side and front and back, because you never know which way the baby will prefer (my first 2 loved the side to side and my 3rd will only go front to back). A mobile with things to watch and a mirror or light show is a big plus and some nice songs or sounds.


answers from Detroit on


This is the 3rd swing I have owned and by far the best. There is nothing I dont like about it.

My almost 7 month old 18 lber is swinging in it right now. She loves it.

We use it daily, A LOT, although it doesnt plug in, the batteries last a long time.



answers from Houston on

The best one is the one that never shuts off as long as the battery lasts. Also, the one where don't have to wind something to make it go, and you can change the speed quietly w/o having to turn it off.

We had 2 swings - one upstairs and one downstairs. The one downstairs shut off after 20 mins....not good for when your baby is JUST ABOUT to fall asleep or stop crying, and then all of a sudden the swing stops.

The one upstairs could go all night as long as the batteries were charged.

Guess which one we used the most????

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