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Updated on January 24, 2013
M.T. asks from Keller, TX
9 answers

Anyone know of great locations for a girlfriend trip w/ good scenery, shopping and maybe a spa location in the area?

Thanks in advance.

M. T

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answers from Houston on

Several of my friends lately have been doing a 4 night cruise out of Galveston (I see you're in Texas). There are good deals to be had apparently! Are you thinking Texas based or somewhere else? If Texas, definitely the Hill Country...Austin, San Antonio, Wimberley...all have lots to do and see and there are resorts you can stay at with spa, etc. (La Canterra, Hyatt Hill Country,J. W. Marriot, etc.)

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answers from Huntington on

My girlfriends and I like to go to Jackson, Wyoming. For us, it is just a 4 hr drive (a GORGEOUS drive, by the way!) The scenery is exquisite - nestled in between the mountains- and there is a lot to do there no matter what time of year you visit. It is very cold there right now, but if you are a ski bunny, then it is perfect :) We usually go in April when it is jacket weather.
The town is like "old west" with lots of specialty shops, art galleries, fabulous restaurants, saloons and funny little museums. You can walk pretty much everywhere. There are a spas in town and at the big lodge/ski resorts. Teton National Park is a short drive away, also Yellowstone a few hours away. Whenever we go, we spend our days shopping, eating, visiting the parks and then bar hopping at night. Lots of great live music in the pubs at night.

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answers from Kansas City on

Arizona or New Mexico
New York
Arkansas (I know that sounds strange probably, but there are a lot of little towns there that have hot springs and spas. Eureka Springs is where I went with my husband and it was fun)

I suppose it depends on what time of the year you are going too, but my girlfriends and I have been talking about going to New Mexico for a relaxing weekend with spas and such. We have been to Vegas and it was fun.



answers from Dallas on

close by - hands down Fredericksburg! wine, shopping, spas and great b&bs.
So chill.
The other locations are great choices, too. but wanted to offer something closer:)



answers from New York on


What, too crazy? How about Park City, UT? If you love to ski it's awesome. But the summers are even better. So much to do. Awesome spas, and 4/5 start hotels for like $100 a night!


answers from Dover on

I visited St. Augustine, FL for work. Loved it there but wished I had known someone that was there with me. I think it would be great to visit w/ friends.



answers from Cleveland on

Vegas really is so convenient. Talking about shopping and spas... And if you go out to the Red Rock area, there's supposed to be beautiful hiking. Friends just did a quick day trip helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon too. They landed in the canyon, had something to eat etc. Also flew over Hoover Dam. And the sights in Vegas on the strip aren't "natural" at all but surely something to look at! Then there are so many restaurants to choose from etc.



answers from Minneapolis on

How far do you want to travel, how much do you want to spend, what time of year? A girlfriend and I had a great time in Chicago in September, but that might be farther than you want to go and right now isn't the best time of year in terms of weather. Lots of shopping though, the lake provides some scenery and definitely an abundance of spa options and good food. I love Charleston, SC too for travel and I think that would be a great place for a girlfriend weekend.

ETA: I also agree with Galway girl. We had a family vacation in Jackson, WY an that would make a great girlfriend getaway too.


answers from Dallas on

South Beach in Miami. Great spas, great hotels, great scenery, good shopping, good food and lots to do. You can be as mild or wild as your want in South Beach! I LOVE that place.

Daughter and I went in June and stayed at the Lowes resort which was very nice and we have also stayed at the Hilton Bently which is very nice (and currently featured on the sicko Kardashian show because that is where they were staying).

We also like Destin, Tampa, Marco Island and Amelia Island in FL.

San Diego is very nice and fun as well.

I have enjoyed Vegas a few times, mostly just shopping and the hotels/spa resorts. I don't get into the casino things to do but there are a lot of other fun things to do there.


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