Romantic Yet Fun Couple Getaways???

Updated on February 04, 2011
N.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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I will celebrate a major birthday this year, and would like to take a vacation with my sweetheart. We both love to laugh and have a good time. I was wondering if any of you have experienced great romantic, fun filled activity vacations with a significant other. If so where was your destination. What activities were available and what activities did you engage. What was your overall experience, and would you return. Names of hotels would also be helpful. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the world that offers a wonderful but safe experience. Thanks

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answers from Dallas on

depends on money and how far away, you can always find very fun beautiful places in the tropics but for in Texas. Ive been to Bahamas and all parts of mexicoa nd both very beautiful.
Hilton has 3 hotels that are fun, look up hilton resorts, one in san antonio, one about 1hr away from austin called lost pines, i stayed at both and are very fun. There is a place Lockheart Gables Romantic Bed and Breakfast located in Fort Worth, Texas that has heart shaped baths and very romantic.

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answers from Dallas on

We have stayed here: Which was right in the Texas Hill Country. Beautiful with close access to Fredricksburg.

Also, I really like Vegas. Our favorite place to stay is the Bellagio...there is so much to do in Vegas and I think is romantic. There are fabulous shows, restaurants and shopping. And even though neither my husband nor I are gamblers or party a lot...we still love it!

Also other romantic places I have really enjoyed are Switzerland (love the town of Zermatt) and Rome. But really I think you can make anything romantic if you have the right mindset! Have fun!!

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answers from Little Rock on

my dh and i like to do spontanious things. i'll come home from work (he doesn't work) and he'll have bags packed and the minute my dd is picked up, we'll head out of town just to get away and only tell 1 person where we are going and take 1 cell for emergencies.

we'll also sometimes grab a map that has affordable destinations, throw a dart and make plans to go to the nearest main town that dart lands on.

there's a lot on my "want to do list" i waisted my 20's (just turned 28) on a mission to do things i never did before to live a little :) he grew up military and was military so there's not many places he HASN'T we're on a mission to fullfill that for me :)

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answers from San Diego on

My husband and I went to San Louis Obispo for the weekend for our first wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Madonna Inn and had a great time, the rooms each have a theme. Look up on line the rooms and what they look like they were so cool. We had a spiral staircase that led to a skylight. The food was amazing and the hotel was pretty romantic, we then went to Hearst Castle and took a tour. We had a great time.

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answers from Redding on

How far away are you willing to travel?



answers from Norfolk on

Far and away our favorite vacations have been sailboat charters with The Moorings. We've been to the British Virgin Islands twice and it is super romantic AND super fun, but obviously enjoying boats is a prerequisite. We did a lot of snorkeling and a lot of drinking and eating! But the nice thing about a charter is you can customize it. Check into The Moorings website and see if it might be for you. Let us know where you're going!



answers from Kansas City on

The royal palms in scotsdale. Quaint boutique hotel with really great food, drinks and service. Adjacent to camelback mountain, there are beautiful views, hiking, golf, great shopping and food nearby. We loved it! We also liked tapatio cliffs Hilton in Phoenix but there are more children there. We have also done sandals royal carribean in montego bay and sandals negril. We loved both vacations. Good value for your money and lots to do. Have fun planning! I love he planning part.



answers from Kansas City on

We always have fun someplace tropical and warm! We both love to just hang on the beach so we don't "do" a ton while vacationing besides tanning and cocktails! ;) Mexico is awesome, a cruise is really fun b/c it can be the best of both can have sun time but then also go on excursions when you port! You could also look into a travel agent, they are pretty affordable generally and have lots of good advice, plus they can book you for activities before you even go! Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

The Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas is an amazing hotel. Not very many kids there. Amazing pool. You can take a shuttle to the Royal Towers at night for casino and restaurants.
W Hotel South Beach. More to do here. Hotel is beautiful and amazing!


answers from Los Angeles on

We enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing weekend in Catalina Island. The Hotel Metropol was wonderfully modern and nice with great harbor views. Its a really really small town (Avalon) that you can walk the length of in 15 min, but you can find plenty to do for the weekend, I wouldn't want to stay there a whole week. We kiaked, snorkeled, mountain biked, and got a message, ate great food, had a drink on the beach and enjoyed our wonderful room. Its not a place you fly too. You'd have to fly to So. Cal and boat in. I'm not much of a world traveler though. My friend who is says Thailand is the place.



answers from Dallas on

Hot Springs Arkansas is close and great if you want a spa experience - If you want suggestions for hotels let me know -

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