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Updated on June 09, 2007
C.H. asks from Vance, AL
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My daughter wants to host a tea party for her friends...these children will range in age from 5-9 years of age. I need advice as to activities and what to serve at the tea party. Besides just the refreshments (which I'm not even sure what to serve these children)should I do a craft activity or games, if so what kind?

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answers from Nashville on

I do a teddy bear tea party at school with my kindergarten students. Everyone brings a bear and they are given ribbons. Like cutest bear, most fuzzy, biggest ect... You could let them decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles. Yum Yum

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answers from Memphis on

I just did this for my 2 year old. I was exhausted and not feeling very creative, but she had a blast. The only thing I can add to the previous advice is that I made muffins ('cause I'm a health-nut freak), like blueberry, banana & Zucchini bread, instead of cupcakes or cake slices. Also, I served on a little pretend tea party set of dishes and cups. We had to refill the milk several times, but the kids enjoyed it. Good luck!



answers from Nashville on

Sounds like a blast! Well, you could use Chocolate milk or water in place of tea since tea is an acquired taste. Any type of little mini sandwich will do and cookies are easy too. For party favors you could let them decorate tiara's with feathers or ribbons that they could take with them or you could stick to beading bracelets......they all seem to like that (but most important for it to be a success you must have costume garb for them to wear) hats, boas, sequined clothing the works..........I'm sure your daughter has some.........most girls do (if you don't want to buy you could ask in the invitation that they come dressed for tea)
this website has some free games you can print off if you like them

good luck and may your tea party be a HUGE success!



answers from Memphis on

have them dress up like princess and princes and serve tea with bicuits I have been to several with my four old so much fun we dress the wagon up like a carriage and makes darling photos and we also have classical music on!



answers from Dothan on


As a mother this is hands down one of my favorite things to do. Throw children's parties!

First of all...I would serve a variety of teas...from just plain tea to peach tea (my twins LOVE peach tea!) Secondly, be sure to get some Wedding cookies by Keebler. The are white and powdered. (They do contain nuts for those w/allergies.) But they would make a table look cute! I would also serve cupcakes. With lots of fluffy icing!

As far as games? I would have a hat decorating craft. Find some sort of old hats for them to decorate. Then they can wear them while they have their tea and cakes!

Another game...I would have a dress up relay. Put on a hat, boa, high heals, and a down...touch the chair...take everything off and on to the next person to do it again!

This year at the twins' party I also hired two local teenagers to be tinkerbell and peterpan for their party. Why not have two local teens dress up in hats, gloves, boas, and dresses and help serve the tea and put make up on the girls?

I hope this helped you. You now have me excited for my twins birthday in July! Have a great party!!!

E-mail me if you need anything! I'm most happy to help!



answers from Tuscaloosa on

A Tea Party can be so much fun. I would start by doing "dress up" Have the girls come in their fav. dress. You could provide necklaces (the colored beads) and boas. You could also do their make up and hair. Little girls always love glitter. I would get them all done up and then it would be tea time. You can serve finger sandwiches cut into something cute. (You could do PB&J and use a flower cookie cutter) You might have suger cookies, fruit and veggies with dips. Make sure you have more then one tea pot and that you teach your daughter how to serve her guest. Have fun!



answers from Nashville on

My mother in law hosted a party like the one you are describing and the girls had a wonderful time. She got each one a different hat, scarve, and gloves. They all had such a good time swapping out each others clothes. She served "southern Tea Cakes", lemonaide, and pettit fors. (SP). She also had card games for "bridge" they played old maid go fish and crazy 8's. The girls had such a good time.


answers from Nashville on

I got some wonderful ideas from They sell party supplies, but also have ideas online. Goodluck!



answers from Biloxi on

I just did this party for my daughter. She turned two - but a lot of the kids that came were older. I used two websites to get stuff: and Birthday express had cute little plates and napkins, and the most darling plastic teacups and saucers. They only held about a shot glass of tea - but it was still tea in a teacup and the kids loved it. Even the smaller kids didn't have a hard time manipulating the teacups. As far as food - I made ham and cheese sandwiches cut into quarters and regular chips. For garb - I gave them candy necklaces to much and wear and I bought staw hats and top hats for kids at oriental trading. I also bought cardboard ties and stickers at oriental trading. The boys made themselves ties with stickers and crayons. Some of the girls made daddies ties to take home. With the staw hats I had the girls decorate them with foam stickers of flowers (walmart art and craft section) and I put a strip of sticker velcro on the hat and put the other sticker side of velcro to pom poms or flowers. Everyone had a great time! Instead of a cake I made cupcakes - and everyone had a couple at least. It was a kick. I think I have some leftovers of the party stuff if you want to look it over. For goodie bags I put of handful of mixed candy, a sucker, a small bubble blower (also from oriental trading), and a rubber duck wearing a birthday hat (also from oriental trading - they sell cheaply in bulk). Good luck! You are all going to have a great time!!

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