Looking for Ideas for My 2 Year Old's Tea Party B-day

Updated on June 07, 2010
G.M. asks from Stephenville, TX
5 answers

I know 2 sounds really young for a tea party birthday, but she loves playing tea party. She loves Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, so we want that to be part of the theme. I thought about trying to find lots of little teacups the kids could decorate as they come in (with stickers), but I haven't thought of other activities. Also, what about the boys??? There was a place here that hosted them and let the girls wear the hats and the boys wear bow ties/ties if they wanted, but I think they've closed. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. BTW, her b-day is in 2 months, so we've just started planning.

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answers from Washington DC on

For drinks over apple juice

For foods offer the one-two bite foods.
Mini cupcakes
mini brownies
2 bite cookies
small rice crispy treats
pizza rolls
chicken nuggets

For activities
Have some coloring pages and crayons
Toddler friendly games like Connect 4, Memory
Have a DVD playing like Wishbone, or something

Timing wise, I would keep the 'tea party' piece of the party short. No more than an hour.



answers from Chicago on

go to a second hand store and buy a bunch of old fashioned bow ties or big wide old fashioned ties for the boys and fancy hats for the girls (mens fedora hats and straw hats for boys would be cute also. finger foods will be best. i would go with big fat plastic teapots if your going to let the kids pour although personally I would designate an older person as the "waiter" to pour the tea lol. but thats just me.

i second the earlier post about keeping it short short short. 2 year olds have very short attention spans. so nothing more than a couple minutes at a time. maybe a coloring page and the miss spiders tea party video



answers from Washington DC on

Hi G.,
I really like the idea someone said about bringing Teddy Bears! So super cute! If she likes Minnie, you can do Minnie and Mickey and have Mickey items for the boys. Our site, birthday in a box, offers party guides for parents like you who need party advice and supplies.

Here's a tea party guide you may find useful: http://tinyurl.com/2fu8ztu

Please let me know if you need any additional help planning the big day!



answers from Boston on

I wouldn't worry about activities or gender differences at this point. They're mostly just going to want to play with her toys and eat cake. I would make sure that you have some music for them to dance to and plan some outside time if it's a nice day. The most I think that you can do for a 2 year old party is prep your daughter that she is going to have to share her toys with everyone who comes over. The kids don't have a sense yet of what birthday parties are, and I'm sure whatever you end up doing will be great fun to them! Have fun!


answers from Dallas on

I had a Teddy Bear Tea Party. I asked everyone to bring thier Teddys. After we had very fancy tea and cookies we had a Tedy Bear Fashion Show. We pulled out all the dress up stuff. The kids put on Boas, floppy hats, sunglasses, cowboy hats, pirate hats, etc. Then they walked with thier Teddy down the red carpet - I actually unrolled the dry slip and slide so it was a yellow carpet. I made construction paper ribbons. Ribbons for "Most Matchy" for the kid that matched thier Teddy the best. Silliest costume, silliest walk, biggest hat, littlest hat, all sorts of crazy stuff, but everyone got a ribbon. We took lots of silly pictures and had a great time.

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