IPOD Nano-----ZUNE---- OR---- SONY ?????

Updated on December 19, 2007
M.G. asks from Keller, TX
4 answers

Help I need some feedback on either of these. I mainly will need it for working out (which makes me think Shuffle) BUT I also like the idea of being able to store photos on the Nano so I am looking at specifically Nano 4GB. I have seen it price at $149. If you know of anywhere that is selling this item for less, please let me know.
The Zune is so new I know very little about it so any info on that would be great as well.

I am now considering a SONY Walkman 4GB-- Does anyone have any feedback on this unit?
Thanks Mama's!


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answers from Dallas on

I have a Zune -- they just upgraded the software and it SUCKS! I am SO disappointed... it uses SO much RAM on the computer -- it's ridiculous... and hasn't worked properly since I had to do the "mandatory upgrade"

I also purchased the car kit -- it doesn't work at all - sucks.

I'd go with what's popular and has more adaptable accessories.... IPOD

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I have a Creative Zen and love it. It is about the same cost as the Nano but has better sound quality and you can download music from sources other than iTunes like Amazon or Napster.



answers from Dallas on

i don't know if this help you but my sister had the nano and she doesn't like it because at first work good but you cannot erase anything you put in it and it stop working good after the 3 week she had it and she brought the zune and she hate it it doesn't work like it says
then she brought the sony walkman video mp3 and love it is so easy to use and you can store videos photos music and is very small light and it looks good and a lot more cheaper than the nano and has a fm tuner

you can store all and delete later and works pretty good


hope this help you




answers from Dallas on

I LOVE my ZUNE. I have the 30 GB adn the smaller scale 8 GB ones. The added benefit is that I can also listen to radio stations on it, which I don't think you can on the IPOD.


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