MP4 Touch Player with camera...need Recommendations!

Updated on November 17, 2009
P.K. asks from Spring, TX
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Hello. Sorry for the cross post but I'm trying to figure these things out. My daughter who is 9 wants an MP3/4 touch player..preferably with a camera. I"m not about to get an apple I pod as she is 9! She can't keep up with her jacket much less a $200-$300 MP3 player! Anyway...I'm finding some on Ebay and Amazon but they get really mixed reviews so i hesitate to purchase. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these things and could recommend one that is under $100 preferably closer to $50...

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answers from San Antonio on

I purchased one from ebay. It was before the cameras were placed in them but I love mine. Downloads of music are easy if you download to the computer then to the MP3. I always have issues if I download straight from Itunes. My coworker ordered 3 for her family and none of them have had any problems either.



answers from Austin on

My son saved up for a Zune MP3 player when he was 11. We chipped in for half. That was nearly two years ago, and it still works fine and he is still happy with it. Zune is the MicroSoft answer to the iPod, not quite as expensive or flashy but has served my son well.



answers from College Station on

My personal opinion on MP3 players is to only buy Apple. They have the best reputation, the best warranty and the best customer service. However, I also agree with you that a 9yo does not need and iPod Touch (last I looked, they do not come with a camera, but I could be wrong) What about one of the new Nanos? You can get a referb from apple with the warranty of a new one for half the price on It does not have a touch screen, but the newest ones do have photo and video capability. They are also cheaper than the iPod Touch.

One thing we did for our boys (they all have an iPod of some sort) is to make them save up their allowance for them. That way, they keep better track of it. Santa helped my oldest with apple money for Christmas, but that was all the help he got. He saved up all the other money himself. It took him a good 7-8 months.

Good luck with whatever you decide.



answers from Houston on

Wow, you would really spend that much on a electronic toy for a 9YO? I'm not sure I'd do it for my 17YO. Personally, I would suggest a very simple MP3 player. And when she's older and has saved her money, then spend the more money on what she wants exactly.

My 8YO keeps hoping she's going to get a iPod or cell phone, but that's ridiculous! Her big sisters only got a cell phone when they started high school and were staying after school for sports.

Hope I haven't offended you, maybe this isn't exactly what you were asking for comments about... Good luck to you!!



answers from San Antonio on

SanDisk makes an inexpesive MP3 player that is avail. at Costco...and I'm sure other places.
Also like the suggestion of the iPod nano. Those are very inexpensive now. Nice, basic MP3 player -- no frills.

In my opinion, I would not get a MP3 with a camera, even if it's out there. The photo quality is probably really cruddy. Like when you take a picture with your cell phone. yuck!

Digital cameras can be purchased for about $60 - $75 that are good quality and can help your daughter learn to take decent pictures, edit pictures, crop them, etc.... a good skill to have.



answers from Houston on

Watch the sale ads! I got my daugter a Sony one last year and its been great. It doesn't have a camera and is not touch, but it has radio, video and music. Its a 4GB and I want to say that I got it for $59.99 (last year). Right now, the one I bought her is $71.98 at Toys R Us.
It comes in different colors and different memory sizes. Theres one that is 16GB for $89.99!
Good Luck!!

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