Ipod Nano Buying Help??

Updated on December 21, 2007
A.B. asks from The Colony, TX
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I want to buy Ipod Nano for my daughter. I did not realize there are so many different kind of Ipod Nano that I am having difficult time comparing the features and prices. So I thought I would ask for the help from you all Mom who have had buying and using experience with Ipod Nano.

Which one do you think I should buy - hoping my daughter will use it for next 2-3 years.
I could buy 4GB or 8GB. Shall I go for video capability? When I started looking I was looking for simple 4GB nano with fm tuner. Which one do you have? Where did you buy it at what price (if you do not mind sharing)?


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So What Happened?

Thanks a lot for your help. It really helped us. For her having an FM radio was very important so we bought Zune for her.

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I just bought one at Costco for $138 and that was the best price that I've seen. Most of them are $149/$150. I think 4GB is plenty....



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FYI - for the actual Apple "iPod" brand there is not one that includes the FM tuner. Those are only built in on competitor mp3 players. There is an additional item you can purchase to plug into the iPod Nano, however, that will tune in FM radio. It's called "Radio Remote" and will set you back an additional $50.

If you want her to keep it for more than a year, definitely go for as much memory as you can afford so there's no danger of her filling it up, especially since the new Nanos are video capable, meaning she'll probably want to download some big video files at some point.

I think all Nanos are video capable now and the only thing that isn't is the shuffle. I would not recommend the shuffle. Our 13 year old actually received two of those last Christmas and it didn't take him but a couple of months before he really really wanted one with a screen.



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I would go with the 8GB just to be sure she has the room she will need. Personally, I have almost 8GB of music and don't even consider myself to be that into music. There are three different generations of the Nano. Obviously the newest is the 3rd gen. It is the one that is more square as opposed to rectangular. Just look at each generation as improving small things over the previous. Again, unless money is extremely tight, I would go for the 3rd gen in order to have the latest and greatest. I think that is what most stores are selling now anyhow. Look around for sales. Obviously you could go to the Apple store itself (there's one at Willowbend Mall). They also have them at Walmart, Target and Best Buy. I have also seen them at Costco. The best price most likely depends on who has what on sale that week. Do your research online before you head to the stores for the best prices.


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I would buy the BEST that I could afford. My daughter (13 on 12/27) has an IPOD (not Nano) with video and 30GB. We got it in Januarty 06 and by the time we got the power adapter and a couple accessories (including the extra warranty) we spent $450. The IPOD itself was $299.99 at Best buy.I know the price on hers has gone done. She also has a clock/radio that the ipod docks on ($99). The only issue we have had with it is that it gets stuck sometimes and you have to reset it. NO biggie.

She wants a new one now but that is not going to happen for a while since hers is still under warranty and in good shape. She has a couple of tv programs on it and tons of songs.

My rule of thumb when I purchase anything like this (computers, ipods, wii, etc) is to buy the absolute Best I can afford at the time. So far, we have not gone wrong with that rult of thumb.

Happy Holidays!!

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