Infant Drinks Formula Too Fast

Updated on August 28, 2009
P.R. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My month and a half baby drinks his milk extremely too fast to the point that he starts to choke. I´ve been using the slow flow nipple and have tried different bottles with different nipples but he still does the same. He does not drink his formula peacefuly, it almost seems like he is wrestling with the bottle/nipple. We have him on alimentum by similac, since the dr. thought that his restlesness could be because of a lactose intolerance issue. Any advice?????

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answers from Austin on

The First Years has a great bottle called BreastFlow that has a valve inside. It lets the baby control the flow of milk and makes it much more manageable for him. Both of my sons have reflux which made it hard for them to drink and this bottle helped a lot. Also the Habberman feeder works, but it is hard to find, hard to use and EXPENSIVE! Good luck!

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answers from Killeen on

Perhaps your baby is hungry. All of mine started on rice cereal at 3 weeks and never had problems because of it. Doctors and WHO do not recommend starting rice cereal that early (I am a nurse), however my children had no prooblems with it. Doctors will tell you that starting that early on rice cereal will cause allergies, well I beg to differ, all of mine have zero allergies or digestion problems. It just sounds like he is hungry, like when we adults get hungry .. we eat fast. I started by giving only a tbsp. of cereal mixed with formula to a consistency that he can tolerate. It is worth a try to see if it helps him.

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answers from Victoria on

is he hungery? try feeding him shorter amount of time inbetween.



answers from Houston on

Hi P.,
When my DD was a newborn, she was like a light switch--one minute she was content and happy, the next minute she was starving. If it took as long as a minute or 2 to get ready to feed her, she was screaming. I learned to start nursing her before she actually acted hungry or she would gulp and gobble and have gas. She too seemed to be wrestling to swallow as if she couldnt drink fast enough to satisfy her. I would talk to your baby soothingly and tell him you were getting ready to feed him and handle him gently, unhurried. Perhaps once he realizes he is hungry he gets more riled and is acting starved thus the wrestling. If you have him on a schedule, perhaps feeding him 10 or 15 mins earlier will avoid his frantic drinking. HTH



answers from Houston on

Maybe you should try what they call pace feeding. I learned about it in a breastfeeding class. You hold the baby more upright and hold the bottle at an angle so they can't drink it as fast. This method is used for breastfed babies so they don't begin to like the bottle better since they can get more faster.
Maybe this will help!



answers from Houston on

The tips you have gotten are good with the exception of the cereal. Your baby is only 1 1/2 months old! Anyway, I was writing more so b/c I read that you are feeding him Alimentum. My Ped gave me about 2-3 sample cans of Alimentum but I never used it b/c I breastfed. So they are still new and sealed. I know how expensive they are so I was wondering if you wanted them especially since it seems you have a very hungry baby on your hands. ;-)Do you live in Houston? If you are interested, just let me know and we can work something out. I would just hate to have to throw them away if I wait to long and they expire.



answers from San Antonio on

Thicken it up a bit - but just a bit - with cereal or extra formula - or just a little less water. That should help some. But, if you do this, make sure and give some water at a later time too. Any formula fed baby needs some water to help keep them from getting too constipated. Formula is great, but it's just not the same as breastmilk. So, a little karo at times, or a little extra water is always necessary for great bowels.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Your child sounds like he is hungry check with your Dr. and see if it is possible to start on rice cereal. That may be part of the problem.

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