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Types of Formula

I'm wondering what type of formula is best for a gassy baby. We are currently using the Enfamil Gentle formula but I just looked at what the ingredients are and the first thing on the list is corn syrup. Now why would there be corn syrup as the main ingredent?? Have other mom's had any luck with any other formulas for babies with gas issues? Thank you!!


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Advice About Hypoallergenic Formula

Has anyone had success getting an infant to drink Allimentum? And/or has anyone had an infant who had problems with it? My breastfed 6 month old is allergic to milk/soy and our only formula option is hypoallergenic...she will drink 2 oz at most of this stuff - in the past she has rejected other formulas and ultimately we determined it was b/c they didn't agree with her (i.e. made her violently ill in a few cases). I hesitate to force the issue for fear that she'll negatively react to larger quantities of this stuff. Any advice is...


Allergic to Formula?

I have been pumping and feeding my 5 month old breast milk up until now, but...


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Lactose Free Formula Baby

My son is on a lactose free formula and reaching his one year birthday soon. For those of you who have ever used a lactose free formula or something similar when/how did you make the transition to "regular" milk or is it just hit and miss until the digestive system matures?


Lactose Free Formula

Does anyone know if the nestle goos start milk based formulas are lactose...


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Organic or Not????

Want to know what others know/think about organic food/ organic everything else. Trying to decide if I need to give my baby organic baby food, what about the rest of the family??? What about skin care?? Chemicals to clean in the house??? What about toxic chemicals that are in plastic?? Even in baby bottles!!!! I'm driving myself crazy!!!! Want some advice from other moms! Thanks!


Organic Formula Issue

I have been working real hard to make sure my 8 mos. olds diet is as good as...


Organic Baby Formula

This may be a dumb question, but it can't hurt to ask!! We have been using...


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From Soy Formula to Soy Milk?

Hi Mom's, My daughter is 14 months old. When she was about 3 months I switched her to soy formula due to acid reflux and gas. I had some of the same issues with my other 2 kids so I felt comfortable going to a soy based formula(which my pedi agreed). When she turned 1 I started giving her cows milk. Since then she has had problems with diarehha. It burns her bottem pretty bad too. She always lets me know when she has gone since it is painful and I change her right away but it still burns her bottem even with Desitin on. She does have some...


Soy FREE Formula

Is there anyone out ther who has found a baby formula with little or no soy...