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Lactose Free Formula Baby

J.S. asks from Chicago

My son is on a lactose free formula and reaching his one year birthday soon. For those of you who have ever used a lactose free formula or something similar when/how...


Lactose Intolerance & Soy Formula

T.C. asks from Chicago

We self-diagnosed our 5mo. old w/ lactose intolerance (dr. says no b/c she doesn't show typical signs of a milk allergy). I think a baby could have problems digestin...


Lactose Issues

T.K. asks from Cleveland

When my son was born, we started with Isomil in the hospital because my boyfriend is Lactose intolerant (very severe in infancy and childhood). Around 6 months we swi...


Lactose Pills

D.R. asks from Provo

has anyone tried the lactose pills? I use the lacatid milk but it is very expensive. I want to try the pills but am very scared to try since I get very sick from ...


Lactose Free Formula

L.G. asks from New York

Does anyone know if the nestle goos start milk based formulas are lactose free? I cannot find the info on their website.


Lactose Intolerant?

A.K. asks from Milwaukee

I have a 3 and 1/2 month old who is extremely fussy. She has constant gas and wakes every 2 hours at night because of pain. Tonight she's been waking up every single ...


Lactose Intolerant

H.R. asks from Denver

My 2 year old recently had a stomach bug and now has become lactose intolerant. This happened when she was one and we had to keep her on soy milk for about 6 weeks u...


Lactose Intolerant

M.S. asks from Rockford

I have started my baby on some regular food (he does not like it) but i was going to introduce him to yogart this week. I have not been able to drink milk since he w...


Lactose Intolerant?

S.G. asks from St. Louis

Has anyone had any issues with their toddler being lactose intolerant and if so, what were their symptoms? When we started to run out of formula a few days ago, I st...


It's Not Lactose Intolerance?

L.L. asks from Rochester

14 month old daughter with Celiac disease has a history of intolerance to dairy. At 3 months, I took myself off most dairy (all but cheese that was baked into dishes...