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Suggestions for an Infant Formula That Tastes like Breastmilk

Sep 3, 2009 ... I also went to work my daughter was six months and had to start giving her formula I started by mixing the formula with my breast milk I ...

Which Formula to Use?

Hi B I have used good start with my 2nd baby and have had no gas or ... Next question Switching Formula ... formula good start · bottles formula ...

Daily Formula Intake

As far as the soy type formula son uses Good Start Soy...he had lots of trouble with projectile vomiting with regular Enfamil, so we switched to ...

Formula to Milk

decreasing the amount of formula in 2 answers increase the amount of regular ... be to keep giving your son formula until he reaches one year and then start ...

How to remedy formula allergy on infant?

Also I switched to Good Start formula and that worked the best, unfortunately it did not come out until I had my 3rd son, 4th child and the pediatricians ...

Switching Formula

I have free cans of Good Start that I hate to not use, since formula is so expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has switched and has any advice on the best ...

Enfamil Nutrimigen

He has acid reflux and gas and this is the best formula for. ... had the same problem, we switched to Carnation Good Start and it really worked much better. ...

What Do You Recommend for Colic? I Am Trying Different Formula Now?

Oct 26, 2009 ... Dr. Brown's Bottles, Carnation Good Start Formula and Mylicon Gas Drops.... worked for me. I tell everyone. They can't believe what a ...

11 Month Old Suddenly Started Refusing Formula

A few days ago my son suddenly started refusing formula. ... No need to worry just start giveing him water and milk and other drinks that are not high in ...

After Pedialyte, 11 Month Won't Take formula...need Advice.

You could start by doing half of the clear pedialyte, and half formula. If he refuses that, then keep "pushing" the formula. As long as he is not vomiting ...
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  • decreasing the amount of formula in 2 answers "... increase the amount of regular milk while decreasing the amount of formula ..."
  • soy based formula in 3 answers "... the rash may be a dairy allergy, so you may want to try a soy based formula."
  • carnation good start in 2 answers "We used Carnation Good Start and it was perfect."
  • every 3 4 hours in 2 answers "she should be eating every 3-4 hours, i believe the intake shoudl be around 32 oz."
  • metallic smell in 2 answers "keep"? If it gets that metallic smell from the freezer, that's totally normal!"