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Updated on March 25, 2010
A. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Moms!

Just a fun question: Did any of you growing up have imaginary friends? Do your kids? I just read an article earlier today about how 2/3rds of all kids have had imaginary friends, some until they are "older" (about 7), and that they are more of a sign of social skills, good imagination, and having extra time than anything negative (trouble with friends/social issues, etc). I was a little surprised at first, but thought back to my own imaginary friends, and agreed that made sense.

I had two: Mouse and Monster. They were sister and brother, and about 5 inches high. And neither a mouse or a monster - they just had weird names. When I look back on them now, they were companions with whom I could talk to about things on my mind and/or bothering me - just getting in trouble for not doing a chore, a conversation with a 'real' friend, etc. We didnt really do things together, that I can remember. I dont remember when they left.

How about you?

Who were yours?

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answers from Tyler on

You should really read (or if you like to listen to books on tape, it's definitely worth a listen) "If you could see me now" by Cecelia Ahern. It's a WONDERFUL story about an imaginary friend.


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answers from Lubbock on

i don't recall having any, but i'm sure i did sounds like something i would do. my almost 7 yr old dd (she is an only right now, but hopefully not for too much longer lol...) still has some. their names are flap, curl and dragon. she does have a vivid imagination lol! ;)



answers from Dallas on

My son talks to himself alot but I don't think he has an imaginary friend. I had one growing up till I was about 6-7. His name was Johny. He had red curly hair and freckles. Lots of freckles!!



answers from Lakeland on

I had two imaginary friends...Spidey and Roachy. Nice names huh? They lived in my watch and when I pushed the buttons they came out and taught me all sorts of things. I distinctly remember learning karate from Spidey.
I am a teacher of the Gifted and have learned that most of my students had imaginary friends and are much more creative than the rest. This is just my observation. :)



answers from Dallas on

My 3 year old has two; Celery and Charlie. They hang out with her a lot, but sometimes she leaves them at home because, "They are sleeping." She goes to their "house" to play and sometimes they ride in the car with us. It's a new thing for her, but they've been around for a couple of weeks now. Glad to know positive information about pretend friends!


answers from Spokane on

I never had one and only 1 out of all 7 kids in my family has ever had one.
For about a year, right around ages 4-5, my oldest son had an imaginary friend. My son's name is Korbin...his imaginary friend's name was "Imaginary Korbin" :) What does that say about him? IDK? It's funny, though! Imaginary Korbin was always good and never got blamed for anything....he did always have the best ideas of things to do for fun though.

He is now 6 and we haven't heard from Imaginary Korbin in a long while...wonder what he's up to these days?



answers from Dallas on

My four-year-old has an imaginary friend named Bell. I hear a lot about her adventures with Bell. I had a fairly active imagination when I was a kid, but I don't remember one special imaginary friend.


answers from Phoenix on

I was an only child and had one named "spooky" whom I talked to all the time. He was a ghost and in fact I think he's a cartoon with Casper???!!! Regardless, I can't remember when I stopped talking/playing with him. Both of my 2 kids at different times have admitted to an imaginary friend, but they have not lasted very long.



answers from Kansas City on

Mine was a Thundercat...and my dd's is Tyrone from Backyardigans. She calls him "baby Tyrone" and it's pretty cute.



answers from New York on

My son, now almost 9 had three imaginary friends until around 5 and then they "flew away to another boy who needs friends". My daughter who is 4 has "pinky" who we actually have to set a place for at the table. Though her food is invisible her plate isn't. It cracks me up to listen to her talk to her but I assume she will also be leaving us when school starts. My son has been in the gifted program since first grade. His test scores are at 100 and the school wanted to move him up a grade but he is small and shy and I worried about him being with older kids so I said no. I'm not sure if the imaginary friend has anything to do with that or not but just thought I'd back up Amy's observation :)



answers from San Francisco on

One of my 4 year old daughters has an Imaginary Grandma. Her name is Sully and she lives on a farm far away had has blue horses. Everytime we see something in a store, my daughter tells us her Grandma has that. It's She will bring things out from her room and tell me her Grandma got this for her. She has 3 grandmothers she sees regularly already. I think it's so funny.

My 10 year old had 3 imaginary friends, who all had sisters and brothers and cousins wiht names and everything.

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