Ideas Needed for Child Friendly Baby Shower

Updated on October 04, 2009
M.M. asks from Liberty, MO
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Planning a winter baby shower for my son's past kindergarten teacher. The guests will include his whole kindergarten class who are now all third graders. We are just looking for some kid friendly ideas to make this very special for all of them. Thank you!

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answers from Kansas City on

Buy some plain white onesies and markers let the kids decorate them.

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answers from St. Louis on

I just went to a baby shower yesterday. There were some kids about that age at the shower and we played a game that they also played and enjoyed. You take two paper bowls and put cotton balls in one. Then blindfold the player and give them a plastic spoon. The game is called Feed the baby. The player has to use the spoon and move the cotton balls from one bowl to the other bowl. They cannot use their fingers or hands, just the spoon. The cotton balls are so light, you cannot tell if you have one on the spoon. The player that gets the most cotton balls in the empty bowl - wins. The kids had a blast. Hope this helps!



answers from Kansas City on

maybe try a few games that are baby related! FOr instance name the baby animal game. you can write or say the mama animals name and they have to guess what the baby animal is called. also maybe a guess who is who board? have the kids bring a recent picture of themselves and a baby picture and they have to guess which baby picture goes with what kids picture. just simple stuff that a third grader would understand. Maybe have the whole class make a present or poster with their names and a picture on it.
best of luck for the party!



answers from Kansas City on

Let all the kids draw pictures of what they think the baby will look like. Also write how the baby should be cared for. This will be fun for the teacher to read at home and the baby later in life. The candy bar smashed in the diaper game is good( smash the candy bar in the diaper then guess what kind of candy it is). Have a good time G.



answers from Kansas City on

They might like playing "Gift Bingo" on a card that is already made up, or a with a list of traditional items that they plug in wherever they want to create their own card. They also might like Pictionary with baby items. As a former teacher, one of my favorite gifts from my class was a book where each child made a page of "advice" from them about things they thought were important. Another one was where they each predicted how much the baby would weigh and how long he would be. If the baby isn't born yet, this is really funny to see their thoughts! Good luck! I know it will mean a lot to the mom!



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I always liked the guess what is in the dirty diaper game...but you could also have them taste baby food and guess what it is. Who can drink the bottle the fastest. "Diaper a baby" races. With kids I would definately do cupcakes. I have some on my site.

Best of Luck

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