Simple Fun Baby Shower Games

Updated on June 12, 2009
S.D. asks from Simi Valley, CA
22 answers

Hi... I'm throwing a baby shower for my sister and would like some ideas for some simple fun baby shower games.

All ideas are welcomed=)

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So What Happened?

Hi ladies=)

I think we narrowed it down to about seven games. A lot of great ideas.

Thank you so very much.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We played a fun game at my shower. My sister-in-law prepared name tags for all the guests with names of baby items, and we had to refer to everyone by their "name". Whenever we made a mistake, we had to put some change in the baby's piggy bank. She had some extra coins for when we ran out. But we had so much fun calling family by their new names, like Q-tip, and nipples. It's hard to remember use the names, so the baby's piggy bank got pretty full! And its a low maintence game that sort of goes on throughout the shower without you having to do much. Get creative with the names and you'll get a lot of laughs...

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answers from Honolulu on

I've used this website for 2 different baby showers that I planned. It has a lot of great game ideas :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

always like simple games where you don't have to think to much. I think the guests have a better time cuz its more relaxed and fun. 1. Fill a baby bottle with candy (m&m's?) and have the guests guess how many are in there.the winner gets the bottle of candy. there are several stoers that sell individual color m&m s so you can buy in the party's colors. 2. Baby shower bingo: make blank bingo cards, have the guests fill in what they think mommy will get as presents and when she opens a gift they get to cross it off their card. Who ever gets a bingo gets a prize. You can easily have multiple winners. 3. for table center pieces buy potted flowers. Use them as prizes for winners to take home. 4. Set a timer for 5 min. when mom is opening gifts and when it goes off the person who brought the gift gets a prize. 5. Tell guests to bring a pack of diapers to win the "big prize" we usually do like a $50 target card. Often times the winner gives it to mom for the baby anyway but of course it is their choice.
The last one we do is a whole lot of fun, but it takes lots of prizes. we usually hit of the clearance at peir 1 and get lots of great prizes (regular price $15) for only 2 or 3 bucks. Go to a craft store in the ready to paint wood department and get little wood cubes or "dice" (you may be able to do it with real dice with paper and tape) on each dice write letters, one on eachside to spell "baby" each dice gets 2 "b" 2"a" and 2 "y'. make multiple sets of 4. Use a few pie tins for the dice to be rolled in. we use 3 or 4 sets of 1 pie tin and 4 dice each. Place all of the prizes in the middle of the room and have the guests form a circle around the gifts. Place the tins around the circle and begin. Everytime a guest spells "baby" with their roll they grab a prize and open it (it happens a lot). once all the gifts are out of the middle the fun really begins. set the timer for an amout of time like 2-5 minutes. now when the guests roll baby they get to steal from one another. when the timer goes off the game is over and everyone gets to keep what they have. This last one is really simple to do but getting the prizes can be a little tough on the wallet. If you have lots of time you can start stocking up and get great things. I think the bath and body works simi annual sale is comming up and you can get great prizes there (for anything) happy playing.

One last one I just thought of from my sis in laws was the host brought out a scale and stood next to mom to be. she said that mommy didn't want us to measure her belly so wwe thought we'd do something a little different. (everyone was thinking omg they are going to weigh her and we have to guess that is terrible.) then she said they are weighing everyone's purse and whomever's weighs the most gets a prize.
For other decorations just buy some cute baby clothes and hang it on a clothesline. The items can be your gift.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi S.,

I have a few that are easy and lots of fun. For the first one you will need a bag of cotton balls, big spoon, something to cover eyes, and a flat plate. You will place the cotton on the floor (spread out) and blind fold the person (sit in front of cotton), give them the spoon and have them place the plate on their head. With the spoon they need to pick-up the cotton and place on the plate. Who ever picks up the most wins.

The second game you will need to buy different flavor Gerbers usually phase 1 or 2 or mix. One name flavors preferred for example: Banana, Pear, Peach, Applesauce, etc. Take off all labels and anything identifing the flavor, once you've done that you will need to # the jars on the top. On a sheet of paper write down the # that goes with that flavor, this will be for you. You will have each participant try to figure what each flavor is. Whom ever gets the most correct will win.

Hope you have fun...

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi There,

If you take a bowl of uncooked rice and get a bunch of those tiny, tiny safty pins. You can blindfold the person and and they dig for the safty pins. The problem is that they are so small, it is really hard to tell the difference between the rice and the pin. It was alot of fun.
Another game is to place a person on thier knees on the floor. Take a package of cotton balls and break them up. put the pile in front of the person. Take a paper plate and have the person hold it on their head as they try to scoop the cottonballs with a spatula/giant spoon and put them on the plate on their head. It's funny to see them think they have cotton balls on the spatula. They end up getting only a few cottonballs on the plate when they think they have a whole plate full.
I remember thinking at my babyshower, that I didn't want to do the string around the belly game. I already felt like a cow, I didn't need people trying to figure out how big I really was........We didn't end up playing it thank god...we had better games to play!

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answers from Los Angeles on

my favorite is the memory game (someone put whats on the tray as the name) but I actually like to do this as another way to buy the mom-to-be some great stuff that is really useful and not typically given as gifts. Buy a bunch of the little stuff you need for a baby (rash cream, gas drops, nose bulb, nipple cream, teething ring, pacifier, nail clippers, etc.) and put in a laundry basket or on a tray or something that is also useful for mom and cover with a blanket/towel. Walk around the room with it uncovered, give everyone a brief look at what's in the basket, then they have one minutes to write it all down. the person with the most correct wins and the guest of honor gets to take everything with her.
honestly, I've never been a fan of games that humiliate the mom (measure belly) or are just gross (taste baby food, smell a "dirty" diaper to identify the melted chocolate bar) but other women love those.



answers from Los Angeles on

This may not be real simple, but it is a blast. A baby diaper changing relay. We set up two tables, each with a baby, diaper, and wipes. We had two lines and each person had to remove the diaper, wipe and powder the baby and it was a relay race. It was super fun! We had a dual shower, meaning men and women, I don't know if that was what was what made it so fun. I think it was just all around funny!



answers from Los Angeles on


I just did a baby shower for my daughter-in-law and we played baby bingo, measured her belly, baby purse game, all these can be found on line, just Google "baby shower games". There is also "scratch off" baby lotto cards that are sold at Party City(these are fast and easy). We had prizes for all the winners. If time allows you should definitely plan for at least 3 games.
We did hold a raffle which was, if a guest brought a box of diapers(in addition to their gift)they were eligle for the Grand Prize. This really helps the mom-to-be. Everyone enjoyed themselves with plenty of laughs. Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

When throwing a shower I always like to play Baby Bingo. You basically just make a normal Bingo Layout with all the blank boxes and the one Free Square the you let the guest's do the rest. you play this when your mom 2 Be is opening her gifts. you have all the guests fill out the blank boxes with items they think she will get at the shower and then have them cross them off as she opens her presents. The first to get Bingo Wins. You can also Google Baby bingo to get a picture of what it should look like.



answers from Los Angeles on

Here are some fun games that I have done a different baby showers hope you enjoy...

1) have someone blindfolded and put some cotton balls on the floor (preferably non carpet) and have them scoop up as many as they can with a spoon......hilarious

2) fill up a baby bottle or jar with either m&m's or skittles and have them guess how many are in there.

3) the diaper game...melt some chocolate bars in the diapers and have them guess which candy bar it is...they can either smell or just look, but if they are brave enough they can taste!



answers from Los Angeles on

Here are a couple I had fun with recently that were very simple. The nice thing is the new mommy gets to keep the baby items and clothes used in the games.

1st game ~
You'll need:
10 baby items
10 brown paper bags
paper and pens for players
list of items in bags
prize - you may need a few in case more than one person gets all 10 correct

Buy 10 different baby items and put each item in its own plain brown paper bag. Number each bag and make a list numbered 1-10 of the contents of each paper bag. Staple the bags closed. Have the players guess what's in each bag and have them write down their answers. Use the list you created to check player's answers against what actually in each bag.

2nd game ~
You'll need:
A length of rope long enough to hold 10 items of baby clothing
2 volunteers to hold the rope (players can take turns)
A medium sized baby doll
A phone
A laundry basket
10 baby garments (booties, hats, shirts, etc.)
20 clothes pins
A timer
A prize or a few in case there is a tie

Put all of the garments in the laundry basket along with the clothes pins. Have the 2 volunteers hold the clothesline just above the head of the player. Hand the player the cell phone, the baby doll and the laundry basket. Within 90 seconds the player is to try to hold a pretend conversation on the phone, hold the baby and using 2 clothespins each, hang as many garments as possible on the clothesline. They are supposed to do this while actually talking, without dropping the baby, the phone, clothespins or any of the clothes. If they drop anything or their time runs out they have to stop. Keep count of how many garments are hung by each player. The one with the most gets the prize.]

Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hello you need to play NAME THAT WHITE STUFF? It's a fun game that everyone can play. You will need ziplock (snack bags), a marker to # each bag and the white stuff. example: flour, baby powder, baking soda, coffee creamer, salt , sugar and whatever else you can think of. It will drive everyone crazy.
-N. B.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.:

Here is one of my all time favorite shower games:

Pins in Rice Shower Game

Supplies: Rice, safety pins, timer

Get 30 to 50 small or various sized safety pins and make sure that all are securely in the safety position (closed). Mix the safety pins in a bowl with uncooked rice and set the bowl.

Have the guest sit down and instruct them that they must go through the rice and find as many safety pins as possible and pull them out within the time limit.

now set the bowl down in front of them and blindfold them and then let them pick out as many safety pins as they can within 30 seconds or 1 minute

Record each persons total and the person who pulled out the most pins wins.

You can also go to for other ideas.

Have a blast




answers from Los Angeles on

I nevber liked many of the traditional baby shower games. When I threw mt sister a shower, I:

printed out pictures of celebrities or famous people when they were babies & kids and had people try to guess;

bought a lot of small baby-rtelated items and had people guess the price (a Baby Price is Right);

had attendees hold a paper plate on their heads with one hand and with the other, use a pencil to draw what they thought the new baby would look like - very funny.



answers from Los Angeles on

I get bubble gum (Bubblelicious or Hubba Bubba) and have each guest make a small baby out of the gum. You can give them toothpicks to help shape the babies. At the end, they turn out great!
Another thing you can do is ask each guest to bring a small bead. When all the guests arrive, you can put them together to make a special necklace for the Mother to be. You can attach a poem or just a wish for a healthy delivery.



answers from Reno on

Hi S.!
One thing we did for my daughter's baby shower was pass out pencils and pretty post-its, asking each person to write three wishes for life for the baby and sign their name. We put them all in a beautiful little jar and gave it to Mom to read out loud to the group. It was very moving and she put them in my granddaughter's baby book for her to save forever. (not a game, but forever memorable)

A really simple game we enjoy is to write down all the famous "Mothers", like "Mother Earth", "Mother Teresa", "Mother Mary", any Hollywood mothers like Samantha Stevens (Bewitched), etc. Make each name into a label and as each guest arrives, put one label on their back without them knowing who it is. The game is to guess (using yes or no questions) who the mother is on your label. It usually lasts most the length of the party. We made a little tray with badges and as each guest guessed their name we gave them a badge.
Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

Here's the funnest (and funniest) baby shower game I've ever seen: Buy several pairs of cheap panty hose, full sized not thigh-high. Also, get several handkerchiefs for blind folds. Have a timer handy - the object is to put on the panty hose (over your clothes, of course) and take them off in the alloted time - 1 minute I think was the amount of time. At the shower, line several players up in a row, hand them the pantyhose and blind fold them. Set your timer and watch them frantically (and blindly) try to put these panty hose on over whatever clothes they are wearing, it is priceless! Oh, ya - they can of course remove their shoes if they wish. We did this one at a co-ed shower and made all the dads do it, that scene will go down as one of the funniest memories I've ever had in my life! You may want to try it at home first with your sister or someone just to get the time right, but I do think 1 minute is good.



answers from Los Angeles on

I was about to post about Bingo, but someone beat me too it! :) I highly recommend this game. It keeps the present opening interesting.



answers from Los Angeles on

Buy a package of diapers and smear a dab of peanut butter inside one of them and fold it back up. Pass everyone a diaper and tell them to pass the diapers to the person on their right while the music is playing and stop when the music stops - like musical chairs. Whoever ends up with the dirty diaper is out until only a winner is left. You can change the direction each round. Take away a diaper when you eliminate each person, just be sure to put the "dirty" diaper back into play. Use fast paced music; I burned a CD of "baby" songs such as the Motown hits "Baby Love" and "Be my baby" and gave to the mom-to-be afterwards. Everyone was laughing, and who doesn't need a good laugh these days!



answers from Los Angeles on

oh i love baby shower games here are a few of my favorites!

the dirty diaper game-
get a newborn pack of diapers (any brand). bite size candy bars (kit kat, snickers, butter finger, crunch, reeses peanut butter cups, mounds, payday etc). what you do is heat up the candy in the diaper until mushy (10 secs at a time). then work it around a little in the diaper and also number it. make sure you make a list of what number has what candy in it lol.
object of the game- pass diapers around and each guest is to smell the diaper and determine what candy is inside. the one who guesses the most right wins.

what baby food is this- get jars of baby food (fruit is always best and no mixed flavors so bananas, apples, peaches etc). remove the lables and number the jars.
object of the game- each guest samples the baby food and guesses what it is. guest who answers the most right wins.

word scramble- take words that are associated with a baby and scramble them up. give an amount of time for guest to unscramble the words (3 mins).

whats on the tray- put items associated with a baby on a tray/ or in a basket(goto the dollar store so its not so pricey). let the guest look at the items for a few minutes then cover it from site. then have them write down everything they can remember in 2 mins. get a variety of items- bottle, cuo, wash rags, whipes, brush, diaper, bib, body wash, rattle, socks, hat, pacifire, teething ring, gas drops, powder etc. who ever list the most correct items from memory wins.

baby bingo- have guest make a bingo sheet on a piece of paper and lable it with items that they think the new baby will get. do like 3 bingos or however many you want.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.,
I just recently went to a few babyshowers and they had some fun games: 1. Pin animals or baby products to your mommy to be, have her walk around the guests for about a minute, the guests need to remember as many things pinned on her as they can. Then when she leaves the room, first tell the guests to write down specifically what she was wearing and then have them write down what items were pinned to her. 2. Melt candy bars into diapers and the guests have to guess what kind of candy bar it is by smelling and looking. It's kind of gross looking but very funny. 3. on the invitation ask all guests to bring a package of diapers to be entered into a raffle. Have a fun raffle prize for the winner announced at the end of the shower. 4. Name the price- give a list of baby items to each guess and they have to guess how much the going price is, the closest to the price without going over, and the one with the most right wins. 5. At my shower, it was co-ed, we had the guys chug a beer out of a bottle, it was hilarious. The first one done won. 6. Whose baby is it: give each guest a list of animals and they have to name what the baby is called. IE kangaroo is a joey, bear is a cub and so on.
Hope this helps,
Take care,



answers from San Diego on

I have always loved melting mini candy bars in an infant diaper and people have to ID the candy. The reaction is hilarious!!!

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