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Baby Show Games

Read all 16 responses: "Hi everyone. Does anyone know of some really cute but easy games to play at a babyshower? I have one for my niece this Sunday, ...

Need Fun Game Ideas for a Baby Shower

Read all 10 responses: "I was put in charge of the games for my friend's baby shower this week and I have no idea what to do! Does anyone have any fun and ...

Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas!

Read all 5 responses: "Hello again moms! So my shower will be in May or June and we have 2 games so far: 1.Don't say baby! 2.Guess what candy bar is in the ...

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Read all 5 responses: "I am throwing a friend a baby shower this saturday for a very small group of people (6 or so). Can anyone suggest a few cute baby ...

Baby Shower Ideas?

Baby food game..each person picks a partner. Tear off the labels off the baby ... baby food game- take the labels off of baby food and they can either look ...

Baby Shower Games.

Jun 28, 2009 ... Read all 17 responses: "I was asked to do games for a baby shower for a lady in our church. (she doesn't have family near, so our church is ...

Baby Shower

Does anyone have any suggestion on giving a baby shower I'm planning a surprise shower for my friend and I need some ideas to what kind of games to play and ...

Baby Shower Games

Read all 8 responses: "Hey ladies....have any ideas for baby shower games? I have a few but wanted to see if you have anything different in mind that I ...

Having a Baby Shower Need Help!

You can always google baby shower games, but a few of my favorites are: I ... Well as far as a game, I gave my best friend a baby shower and the game we ...

Seeking Game Ideas for a Baby Shower!!

Read all 4 responses: "Ok ladies, I need your help. My mom's throwing me a baby shower on the 25th of this month and she needs some unusual ideas for games.
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  • write down their guesses in 2 answers "... numbered 1-4 (or however many candy cars you use)they write down their guesses ..."
  • toilet paper and everyone tears in 2 answers "... is also one where you pass around a roll of toilet paper and everyone tears ..."
  • melt candy bars in 2 answers "Melt candy bars in diapers, guessing baby food, put a bunch of baby items (clippers ..."
  • end wins a prize in 2 answers "Whoever has the most pins at the end wins a prize."
  • end wins a prize in 2 answers "... her clothespin(s). The person with the most clothespins at the end wins a prize."