How to Potty Train? - Tyler,TX

Updated on September 23, 2011
L.P. asks from Tyler, TX
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My daughter is 18 months poops and pees on the floors when she poops on the floor spme time she will steaps in it an she will say boo boo nasty an start crying an ill tell her no no bad when she was 14 months she was go pee in her potty but now she dnt I dnt now if if cuzz she sleep in her own bed now or if its cuzz there a new bby in da house .idnt no wat to do any more .

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So What Happened?

She keeps taking her diaper of an pooping and peeingon da floor.

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At only 18 months she more than likely isn't ready to be potty trained. Wait until she turns 2 and try again.

Added- Oh, I thought by saying she used to pee in her potty but now she doesn't that you were trying to potty train her.

That is a stage most kids go through, both of mine did about that age too. You just need to be firm and discipline her when she does it and let her know it is not okay.

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answers from Portland on

Littles commonly regress when a new baby arrives in the family. They see all that care and attention going to an infant that can't take care of its bodily needs, and they are desperate to get some of the attention for themselves. I hope you are making sure your daughter still gets lots of care and cuddles from you and her daddy. Don't expect too much just now – she is still a baby and can't yet reason like an older child. She may be feeling real despair about not being your only child any more.

A onsie turned backwards helps many children keep their diapers on. Please be patient, and try the training again when your daughter is a little more mature. Here's a helpful website with many tips:

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answers from Alexandria on

sometimes life can throw you different obsticals that my make you operate in a different way then you are used to. Same goes for your daughter .. she is a "big girl" now... she sleeps in her own bed and has to be the big sister (considering she is a sister with the new baby in the house)... dont sweat it... I COMMEND YOU ON POTTY TRAINING HER AT 14 MONTHS thats amazing. But she is only 18 months old... a lot is going on and she just might have too much running through her head right now to concentrate on going to the potty ... or she might realize that she has to go a little to late....but like i said thats great that you got her potty trained soo early ... continue what you are doing and while you are cleaning up her mess that she made sit her on the potty and let her know "that is where big girls go potty, not in there floor and undies" she will get it back you just might have to show her the way again... it happens.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Try a onesie that snaps at the crotch or put her diaper on backwards so it's harder to get off.

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Dress her in onesies, on their own with pants or skirts and under all her dresses, pj's, everything. Overalls on backwards, too, with the straps snug enough at the shoulders so she can't get them off, this worked for my little guy when he was doing this, around the same age as your daughter. Also duct tape her diaper, wrapping the tape around the entire diaper and ending in the back in case she gets her clothing off. Do whatever you have to do to make it difficult for her to get to her diaper and take it off, you have to outsmart her ; )



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Until she is fully potty trained you may ned to use tape to keep her diaper on, or clothing that is not easy for her to get off and take the diaper off. This is common, many babies figure out how to ge tthe diaper off and make a mess. has some great info on potty training, but your daughter has to show signs that she is ready before starting otherwise it won't do any good and just get you frustrated.

Hang in there, it's a phase that won't last long!

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