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How Do You 'Reward' Your Toddler for Using the Potty?

C.H. asks from New York

My son JUST started telling me when he has a dirty diaper, and I want to give him stickers or something to get him into it, but them when he used the potty it should ...


Need Reward for Using Potty.

B.R. asks from Dallas

My two year old is begining to get the idea of potty training. He has gone in the potty several times, just not consistently yet. I am looking for ideas for a reward ...


How Do I Potty Train?

K.G. asks from Houston

There are a lot of posts about potty training. I didn't see any about how to actually start doing it. My son has a great interest in the potty, so I would like to g...


How to Potty Train

A.G. asks from Phoenix

I have a three year old down syndrome baby girl (Daisy), and I was wondreing if any of you had any kind of advice to help me potty train her, she is not talking yet, ...


When to Potty Train?

K.S. asks from New York

I have twin girls, almost 18 months old. One of my daughters is constantly taking off her diaper and examining her "bits and pieces". Is that a sign that she's read...


When to Potty Train?

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 16 month old son who is still in diapers. Some of my family members have encouraged me to start potty training. Some say they have done so and by 17 months, ...


To Potty Train or Not

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 22.5 months and he show signs that he might be ready. He always tell me when he just pooped and doesn't mind sitting on the toilet. He even brings me his di...


Girly Girl Reward

J.T. asks from Victoria

I would like to reward our daughter with something girly girl and fun. I am some what stumped as I am not nearly girly girl as she is. Mani, pedi is out. The best one...


He Doesn't Grasp the Reward for Successful Potty Training.

S.S. asks from Detroit

My 3 year old is on his second round of potty training attempt. The first time he would go every time I told him to but that was it. We did that for a month. I wanted...


Potty train...I Need Help!!

L.Z. asks from Punta Gorda

I want to potty train my 2 year old. She shows interest. . She won't go on the potty. When she goes #2 :), she hides,and gets mad when you go near her.. How do I d...