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To Potty Train or Not

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 22.5 months and he show signs that he might be ready. He always tell me when he just pooped and doesn't mind sitting on the toilet. He even brings me his di...


How to Potty Train

E.B. asks from Washington DC

HI, I have a 15 month old daughter. How do I start potty training my girl?


When Did You Potty Train Your Child?

S.H. asks from Seattle

My son KMH will be 2 in April. He's not interested in potty training yet. My son, DRH, was potty trained just before 3. I know each child is different, but with pr...


When to Potty Train?

J.J. asks from Phoenix

I am at a stump here as to when is the right time to try potty training. My 18 month old daughter has a potty that we let her play with and she has shown interest in...


How to Potty Train?

K.M. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is 25 months and has started to become very interested in the potty. She will want to use the potty right after she goes in her diaper or any other time...


How to Potty Train

K.S. asks from Seattle

I have had my 3 and a half year old in underwear when we are home since Friday after school, I have been taking her every 30 minutes and she has had some accidents. S...


When Is the Right Time to Potty Train

T.P. asks from Chicago

My son is 2.5 yrs old, I want to potty train him now & he seems to be somewhat interested. Doesn't want to wear his diaper anymore but also doesn't tells us when he h...


Trying to Potty Train

T.P. asks from Lansing

I'm trying to potty train my 2 1/2 year old little girl. She is very good about going if I tell her to, but when she has to go she just goes. I have tried everything ...


How to Potty Train My Daughter

A.T. asks from Fayetteville

ok it was easy to potty train my son but my lil girl is hard when we got her lil pink potty she was so happy she pee and us number 2 and came and got us we yea her an...


How Do I Potty Train This New Puppy???

H.S. asks from Dallas

Moms, we have never had a puppy before. We just bought a full breed yellow lab this past weekend and are clueless on how to potty train him. We bring him out about ...