How to Market My Credit Repair Business

Updated on December 25, 2009
J.M. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Hello momma's out there. My name is Jessica and I am a stay at home mom. I have opened up my own credit repair company and started my business. I was wondering if you momma's had any advice on where I could advertise for minimal cost since I do not currently have the funds to have a huge overhead. All your help would be appreciated. I am just a small home business helping people who are committed to help themselves and affordable in the market crisis. I need a small advertisement or referral service that wouldn't charge too much. If you know someone or have an idea I would appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance.

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Hello Jessica,

There are a number of websites that you can market on. is a good one. is another one.

Plus any of the city newspapers are fairly cheap.

I too have a home based business and those are the avenues I use.

I do quite a few vendor events especially around holiday time. But once you go to a few of those you start getting information on other events. They can be pricey but I usually pay around $50-$100 for an event. This is a good way to generate a lot of contacts at once.

Hope this helps!

Take care and God bless!


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Hi Jessica -

My friend just told me about a website called that lets you have free postings. Also, I think the advice about going to realtors is sound, but I would also contact recruiters that have job listings for collections, billing, and loan officer positions. An individual usually has to have OK credit to be eligible for those types of positions. In the economy, people are willing to invest in themselves if the return is a stable job.

Also, I know you can go to and create a car decal to advertise your business for cheap. Good Luck!


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Start with your contacts you already have - the mortgage broker who did your loan, realtor, insurance reps, title company, etc. those are all referral based businesses and prime for your type of business.

Don't waste your time going to DFW mortgage broker events - not a good use of time.

good luck



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My husband and I are going with one that was recommended to us from our Realtor. You should just go meet your local realtors and speak with them about your home credit business and maybe they can refer you some clients. Or just leave some of your cards with them, I seen alot on the desk last time I was in the office. Good luck



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One really good way to start acquiring new leads is to pick up a software program at Target called Delorme Street Atlas for your computer, and install it to be able to search for any business type anywhere in the country. Try calling a few mortgage and real estate professionals and getting their email address so that you can send a pre form template email describing your services. You will pick up quite a bit of business this way if done regularly until enough business starts flowing in. A good way to manage your credit repair business and market to these professional is by using efficient credit repair software to manage your business. Check out to learn about powerful software like this.

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