How to Keep an 11 Month Old Busy in the Winter months...ideas?

Updated on October 08, 2010
K.E. asks from Monmouth Beach, NJ
8 answers

My 11 month old daughter and I have a pretty set routine when it comes to naps and eating. In between these times I try to keep her busy and somewhat entertained while also allowing her to play alone so I can have some "me" time. We live on the East Coast and the summer months were filled with time at the park, petting zoos, beaches or anywhere outside where we could enjoy the sun. Now that Fall is here and it's starting to get cold I am wondering what I'm going to do with her! Weekends are easier because my hubby is home so we run errands or do family stuff but weekdays can be tough. We have a pumpkin patch or apple picking orchard which I'll be going to, but what else can I do to help keep her busy and me not bored to tears myself? Thanks for any advice!

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answers from New York on

Have you looked into your local library? I know here on Long Island they all have childrens activities. ALso, a lot of churches also have mommy and me goups where you do not have to be a parishioner to join. Not sure how much you would want to spend, but you can also look into places like Gymboree as well. Depending on what you sign up for you can have something almost everyday.



answers from Honolulu on

Your daughter is only 11 months old.... I really do not think, personally, that a 1 year old, gets "bored."

Don't worry...



answers from Sacramento on

I've read lots of similar post on here before becasue I too was looking for things to do with my little one. Here are some links to some of those post:

I LOVE the library. They have books, movies, childrens CD's, etc. At that age my daughters favorite thing to do was snuggle up and read books.

I agree that just getting out of the house and strolling the mall can do wonders when you're going stir-crazy. It's a great way to get some exercise without having to spend any money.

What about taking a mommy-and-me type class. Is there a Gymboree near you?

Are there any indoor playgrounds in your area? Some of them have separate areas for the little ones. That might be something that you can look into.

As for indoor activities:
* Again, snuggle up and read books.
* If your daughter likes taking baths that could be fun for her. Throw in some water toys or make your own for her to play with. You can take an old plastic container such as a cool whip tub or magarine tub and drill holes at the bottom (or have hubby do that) and she can watch the water drip through it.
* Indoor hide-and-seek. You'll have to "hide" in obvious places. It's lots of fun to hear them squeal when they "find" you =)
* Painting w/pudding, yogurt, cool whip, etc. I see this idea alot. If you don't have any objections to "playing with food" you can sit her in a highchair and let her finger paint on her tray.
* rolling a ball back and forth can be lots of fun at this age.
* Indoor ball pit. You can take a small swimming pool OR a playpen and put a bag of those ball pit balls to make an indoor ball pit.

You should check out the The Toddlers busy book by Trish Kuffner. She has lots of ideas for indoor play ideas.


answers from Washington DC on

Can you sign your baby up for music classes? My son loves them. Also, you can look into local moms groups. Often, they organize playgroups, etc. Also, you can take your child out in the winter to play in the snow! Just bundle her up!



answers from Miami on

Hi K.,
Some ideas:
1. indoor tunnel -- my son loved it. You can buy at toys are us.
2. indoor ball pool -- also at toys r us. fill up a small plastic pool with all of the balls or even a tent.
3. megablocks. balls, books
4. outside midday when sun is strongest -- a local park

HTH. Jilly



answers from Columbus on

My problem, when my LO was that age during the winter, wasn't so much keeping him from being "bored" -- it was keeping me from getting bored! I get stir crazy from being housebound in the winter, but didn't feel comfortable taking him outside much, even bundled up.

So, we'd throw the stroller in the trunk and go to the mall for me to walk. Or go to the pet store to see the animals. We joined a playgroup through church that meets in the church playroom 1 Saturday each month, and it's for babies & toddlers. That has been wonderful.



answers from Chicago on

Time to join a playgroup -check out

We do story time at the library, and classes, music, swim, etc. See if the petting zoo offers anything.

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