How Much Do I Really Need to Bring on a Cruise?!?!

Updated on February 05, 2007
S.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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i am going on a 7 day curise with my 7 month old daughter and my husbands family. I am really looking foreward to it but i have no idea how much stuff to bring. we worked out the food,dipers,formula ect. I need advise about clothing, bibs, bottles,toys. Help!

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So What Happened?

Well I brought just enough. Some days we needed 3 outfits and some days only 1. I came home with 4 things she didn't use. I brought 5 bottles and that was perfect. The only things that I had extra were diapers and formula. Not so bad I checked the box they were sent in on the plane. Cruising with kids is great. I am cant wait til next year. Thank you all for your advise. S. M

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Hi, S.!
You'll want to call the cruise fact, you can probably get hold of the concierge for that specific ship. They can tell you what supplies they stock, and what might/might not be available in their onboard shops.

Try shipping ahead: send all the diapers, wipes, ointment, sunscreen, shampoo, formula, clothing, toys, etc. to whatever address the concierge gives you. They can have it waiting in your stateroom. If you ask, the concierge may even do the actual shopping if you just send the list with specific brands. they can also make certain that you are supplied with extra washcloths and towels for bathing Ruby during the trip, so you don't have to pack them. Note: if you are currently mixing powdered formula with sterile water to save money, do splurge on the pre-mixed cans of formula for this trip.

Also, ship all your OLD bibs, clothes, toys, etc. so that you can simply toss them out when dirty, and not have to bring them back in the luggage. Same for supplies: all the half-used tubes of ointment, etc. should be shipped - so that you can come home to fresh and new.

Something that magazine articles don't talk about: payback. Whenever you disrupt a child by taking them on a road trip, they are not only a bit off-kilter DURING that trip, but for several days after you return. You might want to schedule yourself off work for that first day back, since that is usually the worst one for your child.

Have a wonderful trip, and enjoy the change of scenery!
A. Marie
PS we are all veteran parents at my company, with a special place in our hearts for people new to the adventure. We develop creative options for mortgages, insurance, and investments as independent brokers in each area...with an eye to planning for growing families. Feel free to give me a call at's my pleasure to help.



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We took our three kids on a week long cruise a couple of years ago and I way over-packed. They had laundry facilities on every floor and I did laundry while on the trip so I came home with all clean clothing. When we go again I will pack a lot less. I used to take the Tide tablets for washing but I don't see those anymore. I would call the cruise line to make sure they have laundry on every floor. My sister thought I was crazy to do laundry on vacation but she did the very same thing when she went on her cruise and was glad she did.



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I wouldn't take much. When we go on trips, I take along a washable/waterproof bib that I can clean in the sink. Just like these from Target.

I also only bring the minimum amount of bottles only and bring along a travel size container (like for shampoo) filled with dish soap to wash them in the sink. It works out great!

SAHM to 2 girls; ages 6 1/2 and 18 months



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Don't overdo it with the clothing and bibs - there are laundry facilities available. Make it as easy as possible for yourself. Also, take advantage of all those other people that are going with you. Let them take care of the baby whenever they can.

Have a wonderful time!

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