List of Items to Bring for 1 Year Old on a Cruise

Updated on March 21, 2008
C.W. asks from Sarasota, FL
9 answers

My husband and I will be traveling to the Western Caribbean in a few weeks and we will also be bringing our son, who just turned one last weekend!! Since I am a new mom and a new to the cruise travel, does anyone have advice on what/what not to do on a cruise and also what items to pack for a one year old. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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answers from Fort Myers on

I have been cruising with my kids since my youngest was 2 (now 9). Plenty of bathing suits along with swim diapers. You will need evrything that you normally take when going away. Also bring several nonspill sippee cups(if he uses them) so that he can have his drinks. Also pack more than enough diapers and wipes you do not want to be searching for them if you run out and also those extra outfits in case of an accident.

If you can stand to be away from him take advantage of the daycare service onboard, not only will he be with other kids but you get some adult time.

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answers from Sarasota on

Hi C.!
We took our 2 year old on Carnival this Fall. they had a great program for ages 2 and up but he refused to be a part of it - so we dragged him along to everything and had a ball! Check with your cruise line - most offer baby sitting services - some at the kids center, some offer in room.
Bring an inflatable infant raft so he can be in the pool with you. Bring a few of his favorite toys and I'd suggest a portable dvd player & dvds if he watches movies or baby einstein. Bring a stroller you can collapse but that he can still lay down in. We'd put our son in the stroller and stroll the ship, listen to music, even went into the dance clubs and the sing along bars with him. The only place he wasn't allowed was in the casino on the actual casino floor - but we were able to sit in the outskirts of the casino by the walkways and trade off playing games while one of us hung out with him.
Bring some really good sunscreen and a floppy hat if he'll wear one, plenty of swim diapers, and a truck or car that he can get sand in! They of course sell all sorts of stuff onboard that might also distract him. There are high chairs available and plenty of kid friendly foods- at breakfast they have the little boxes of Cheerios and we stocked up on those!
Good luck - it should be a fun vacation.



answers from Punta Gorda on

Stroller, Sunscreen, and bottled water. If you are flying yo may want to take an extra small suitcase empty as a carry on for the cruise. Things that you can not carry on the plane, but don't want to pay to check you can pick up at a local drug store. They will have plenty of snacks and juice on the cruise ship. You will be able to get stuff all the time from room service or where ever they are serving food. Don't request juice from the bars, they charge. Find out if your ship has fridge, then you may want to put juice boxes in that enpty suitcase to keep in the fridge. I love cruising, if you have any specific questions ask [email protected]



answers from Tampa on

When my son was 1, I found the soft, fabric books were great for travel and he enjoyed them. You also won't worry about losing lots of pieces.



answers from Tampa on


We just got back from a 7 night cruise on Costa Med, we sailed with both our girls, 3 1/2 yrs and 11 months.
Here are some of the things that worked well for us.

- if Colton will be sleeping in a crib/pak-n-play take your own if you have a small travel size one. We used one Costa provided (I am not sure which line you're sailing on, so this may not apply) and it was very nice, but very large and took up a lot of room, our travel size one would have worked much better

- take an over the door hanging shoe holder (I got one cheap at Walmart) hang this on the inside of your closet door and use it to keep clutter off what little surface space you have. I used every opening, you'll be amazed at how this helps.

- snacks helped a great deal, I brought raisins and cherrios for our little one.

- don't forget the sippy cups, I only brought one and then also packed a few ounces of liquid dish soap and a handi-wipe rag and washed it and the bottles nightly.

- we brought and used occasionally our portable highchair (it's a chicco like this one.. when the ones on the ship were all being used.

- umbrella stroller was a life saver (our little one was very content just to sit back and relax in this most of the time)

- we let our little one have some floor time in the empty lounges during the day, she liked crawling and cruising the furniture and it also gave her a chance to burn off some energy.

- we brought and used the Munchkin inflatable duck tub (sold at Target) as a bath tub in the shower. It worked out great, I also have heard people used this as a pool up on deck since most cruise lines don't have a swim area for diapered children.

- we didn't bring many toys for her, a few board books and some blocks, she only played with them in the room. Colton might prefer more.

- hats!!! Our little one has NO hair so a hat was very important for us, but I tried to keep us in the shade as much as possible up on deck.

- I brought a washable bib with us, saved me having to worry about a dirty cloth bib, since I could use a wipe to clean it off and saved a lot of clothes from getting stained from all that wonderful food that she enjoyed so much!

- ask and you shall receive! if you don't find something you need for Colton ask a staff member, we found that they were more than willing to help and they especially LOVED our little one and the other babies on board.

- diapers!!! I thought I was over doing it, but found I actually planned it just right, we brought a sleeve of diapers with us...I think it was maybe 50 and actually only had a handful left over....wipes I didn't get so right, I only packed one tub-full and one refill and ended up buying more at one of our stops. A full tub and two refills would have worked out fine.

- I also brought with us zip-lock baggies, I already use these in my diaper bag (backpack) to keep things organized but the extras helped with odds and ends.

- I brought infant Tylenol and Motrin as a 'just in case' we never had to use it but she did end up cutting a tooth while we were on our trip.

OK, so maybe that's more than you needed, I hope it helps, please ask if you are wondering about something in particular.
I didn't bring any 'baby food' as our little one is eating all table food so she just ate what they had. She is still getting formula in her bottles, 2 bottles a day 4oz formula/4oz milk each. I brought a small can of formula with us and had some left over (not sure if you are FF or BF).

Have a great time!



answers from Naples on

I would bring a bunch of small things, ie: stickers, crayons, new small toys, etc. That you can surprise him with something new every night at dinner when you need him to sit for a while and behave. We have always done this with our daughter (2) when we go to nice restaurants and it keeps her occupied after she is finished or while waiting it get her food. Also, dish soap in a travel bottle so you can wash sippy cups, plastic forks, etc. in the room and lots of ziplocs for cheerios, etc. Don't forget loads of sunscreen + hats!



answers from Sarasota on

I don't know of anything I used more when I was a cruise then a backpack. You'd think any old bag would do however you find yourself always needing two hands especially with a little one. If you have room to bring along extra snacks as well as the juices your son loves as well they will come in very handy those early mornings as well as while you are on the Islands as items get pricey when you are off the ship. Good luck and have fun.



answers from Fort Myers on

A portable swing. It was a life saver!



answers from Tampa on

We took our two boys last year and they were 3 and just turned 1. We had a great time. Not sure what cruise line you are going on... things I brought and used:
Plastic throw away place mats - bring a bunch of them you can find them at BJ'S.
Throw away bibs.
Bring a bottle brush and I filled a small travel bottle with dish soap.
Plastic forks and spoons.
Tylenol, Motion, thermometer and I brought pedialite.
I went and bought a light weigh stroller that he could lay back in to take a nap and had storage underneath. I think it was like 25 bucks.( we still use it)
Swim diapers.
I am a tad of a germ freak, so I brought hand santizer
and wipes. I also brought lysol wipes for the room. :)
Then all of you other things you need...juice, wipes, diapers,sunblock, & water camara.
I bought a case of water bottles and put through out our luggage.
If you have any questions let me know!
Have a great trip!

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