Hernia During Pregnancy

Updated on June 22, 2009
B.A. asks from Fairfield, CT
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I developed a hernia during this pregnancy. I think that I first noticed it around 8 weeks. My Dr. seems to think it is no big deal and nothing to worry about. She said only if I am in extreme pain is it serious and if that happen I should go straight to the hospital. She said if it is just sore or tender, not to worry. It does get really sore and tender especially after a busy day. I am 21 weeks pregnant now and I hate that I have it, but if this is the worse thing that happens during this pregnancy then I guess I'm doing pretty well.
Has anyone else had a hernia during pregnancy? Did it cause you any problems? Did you have surgery to repair it after you gave birth?

Thanks for any advice!

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answers from New York on

I am thrilled to see you post this, because I am 32 weeks pregnant and have also developed a hernia. I have never known anyone who got one, so no info to go on!
Mine is in the crook of my right leg, which makes driving difficult (when I get stuck in stop and go traffic especially) My docotr said that I had to watch my physical activity, because it could get really bad if I overexerted myself and then surgery would not be an option but a must. She felt it was related to the pregnancy and would go away on its own after I deliver and should pose no threat to a normal vaginal delivery. I am scared though that if I have another baby that it will come back right away or cause me more problems.
My doctor also said that if it got really bad or my intestines slipped through (so scary!!!) that I would know because the pain would be excruciating. With all my attempts to have a completely natural birth this time with no medication, no nothing, the prospect of surgery for a hernia seems like a wrench in the plans.
Good luck!!

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answers from New York on

Hi. I had one also. I'm now 2 months past the birth (wonderful quick no drug vaginal birth) of my son. The specialist I went to on recommendation of my ob said that actually hernia's are safe (as long as there is no extreme related pain during the pregnancy) for birth b/c of where they are located and that they are actually protected from having problems. He wants me to see him 6 months after the birth to get checked out and to consider surgery. He gave me no restrictions as to movement etc and said that a cough could cause it to strangulate just as easily as heavy lifting could so not to worry about it. He said, b/c I have a small hernia, that I could go the rest of my life without it bothering me or not and there was no way to tell so he recommended surgery while I was young and would recover easily and without complications most likely. Despite this I've so far decided not to have the surgery. With my baby this young and another one age 2 I don't think it's a right time for me. Not sure for the future. He said the hernia would not be noticeable after the birth and it's not. Hope this helps. I was very nervous during the pregnancy and did restrict my heavy lifting and too stressful of a day b/c I could feel it get worse when I did those things. After the birth I haven't been cautious. Dr. did say it would appear again and earlier if I were to get pregnant again, but probably not going to try so again no reason for me to have the surgery. My hernia was on the left side by my pelvic bone. BTW- everything I read on line said the same thing the specialist told me so you might want to do some searching online to put yourself at ease. Good luck.

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answers from New York on

Dear MOM,

I would say, this is not the worst thing to happen, and that you should leave it alone for now, BUT Definately have the surgery to repair it Post Delivery. You'll save the cost of additonal hospital Cost.

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answers from Albany on

Hi B.,

I had one during my last pregnancy in 2007. My first doctor here completely ignored when I complained about sorenesss and discomfort. I changed doctors (for a lot of reasons) and found one I loved!! He said I had a hernia and that we would wait and see if it got worse or if it corrected itself after delivery which it did. I did not end up needing surgery.

Best of luck!!


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answers from New York on

I also had a umbillical hernia in my first pregnancy. It was a little uncomfortable, and surgery was not necessary after giving birth. However, it got a little worse with each pregnancy and in between it became very evident that it was not just going to go away no matter how much abdominal work I did. (I also got stretched skin around the hernia.) So after my 3rd child was born (last February), we decided that surgery was necessary. I'm a very active person and it was holding me back from doing the things I wanted to do. I had the surgery this past February (1 year after 3rd birth) and it's gone! And I have a flat stomach once again. But, my doctor's advised me to wait until I was done having children.

I always had the same outlook. If that's the worse thing in a pregnancy, then at least if necessary, it's fixable when you're done. Good luck!


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answers from New York on

After my first pregnancy and giving birth, my bellybutton was all stretched out, but returned to almost normal size. My second pregnancy, towards the end of the pregnancy, my bellybutton looked so utterly horrible with stretch marks and dark veins extended all around it. Ugh! I called it my "pet spider'. My husband couldn't look! Again, after birth, it shrunk down but didn't look like a normal bellybutton anymore. All big and baggy looking. My doctor told me that I had an umbilical-hernia, and not to have anymore children unless I had surgery first to correct it, or else I could suffer intense extreme pain from the intestine looping inside underneath my bellybutton, and should get to the hospital right away, or else I could die. My husband and I wanted another child, so years later I had the umbilical hernia surgery, and after it healed, got pregnant again,and had my 3rd baby. The doctor told me that pregnancy doesn't cause umbilical hernias. He said that I already had a pre-existing weak stomach muscle or tear which the pregnancy enlarged as my stomach grew bigger. I'm a Grandma now, and my surgery-corrected bellybutton is still just fine!



answers from New York on

Hi B.!

Sometimes hernias can be confused with the tendons and muscles around your belly learning to become looser as your stomach grows with your baby. I would suggest light and slow stretching, especially after a very stressful day and see if that brings any relief. Also swimming has always been a wonderful way to get your body a bit looser while your body goes through changes in pregnancy.

Good luck to you :)

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answers from New York on

hi B., i had an umbilical hernia too. i actually felt it "pop" the same day that i first couldnt button my pants in my first pregnancy. by the end of my pregnancy, it looked like a little doorknob!. anyway, they told me dont worry about it unless it hurts, in which case i needed to go to the doc right away because it can strangulate... that never happened, it gave me no problems during my pregnancy. they said i should get it fixed after the baby comes and before i get pregnant again, which i did. they put mesh in, it was all laproscopic, didnt even stay overnight, really not a big deal except that i needed help for a few weeks because i couldnt lift the baby. it was a hassle, but i am lucky that i had help, my mom or mil came when hubby went to work, and they would put the baby on me to breastfeed all day and took good care of us. all better, 2 more babies since, and no problems.

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