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Updated on May 02, 2013
R.D. asks from Tuckerton, NJ
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Well this is my situation I have been looking for employment for months now and up until this week had no luck.I have aninterview on Saturday for one and Tuesday for another.I am not sure if I should take the job if offered on Saturday(orientation) would be Monday) the job interview on Tuesday is somewhere I have worked before but did not leave on spectacular terms but it is familiar.But if I am offered on Saturday and dont take it and Tuesday I do not get offered to be rehired I will have no job any input/

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answers from Columbus on

I would go on Saturday and if hired, do the orientation on Monday. Then go to the other interview on Tuesday and see what happens. If you end up with two offers on the table, you sit down and think about the pros and cons of both places - salary, distance, benefits, which job would you actually like better, etc. If you left the one place on not so spectacular terms, is this really someplace you want to go back? Would you be working in a different department with different people? Lots of things to think about!!

Good luck!!

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answers from Washington DC on



Go to both interviews. As a recruiter, I know that people can and will take better offers. So I try to present them with the best offer I can offer them so they won't be encouraged to go elsewhere. I will NOT overpay- but I will not do bargain basement offers.

You can negotiate your salary. If you didn't leave on spectacular terms from the interview on Tuesday - they obviously see it differently as they are interviewing you again. So you never know!

Go with the one that is best for you. That you will enjoy. I cannot stand it when a candidate gets through the process and says "oh man, this isn't the job for me" - tell me what you are looking for in your career upfront. Don't nod your head and say "yes!" be honest and tell the truth about what you are looking for. Find what hours and setting work best for you - ASK QUESTIONS!!

Good luck!

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answers from New York on

I second Flaming Turnip. Even though quitting the first for a better offer may not be "pretty," I make in exception in this economy especially where jobs that are coming back are at a lower rate and stability is meh.

Good luck and congrats. Hope to be in your boat soon :-)

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answers from St. Louis on

A bird in the hand.

If offered take it, they have to pay you for orientation anyway, then if the Tuesday is a better offer then quit.

Not pretty, not what I would normally advise but it would suck to be offered the one, pass and then not get the other.

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answers from Kansas City on

How many people wish they had that problem. Ha Ha! Okay, the Saturday interview is the "new" job, so if they offer, you would already have a good idea what the Tuesday job would provide in work, benefits, environment and expectations.
Therefore, if the Saturday interview makes an offer that compares or is better in money, benefits, use of skills, learning and advancement opportunities, easy choice.
The fact that you left on an "off note" from the previous job, there could be a chance things have changed and you may not even want to go back.
Some jobs take several weeks before they even make a hiring decision once you have had an interview, then may have drug testing, background checks that take a while, and they may be interviewing other applicants before they decide who they want.
Good luck!

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answers from Redding on

I really would do both.
I work in HR and this happens quite often. We are happy for the people who make a better decision for themselves.

Our Orientations are only held after references have been checked, background checks are completed, and there has been a formal offer for employment. They last 4 hours, at least. The only bummer is spending that much time on someone who may not work out, but like I said, it happens.

You seem to have two opportunities to choose from. I would give yourself a chance to check them both out. That is the only way you will know which will be better for you. And, in this hiring climate, we've hired people and ended up not having shifts for them after all, in which case, we never hold it against anyone for finding a better fit.

You are in an optimal place. If you may have two opportunities to choose from, take advantage of that. Get a feel for which will be a better place for you and go from there.

It's a very simple concept, but get a piece of paper and write the pros and cons for each position. Which one will have the more pros for you.

Just my opinion and best wishes.

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