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Updated on March 31, 2011
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi Moms - I've been lucky enough to have a job interview this week, and will be having another one the beginning of next week. My question is (though it's jumping the gun a bit) - what is proper ettiquite if the first company asks if I want the position when I have an interview scheduled with another company. The positions are relatively similar (both admin support), but one is a bit more challenging and also pays better. Of course, neither are guaranteed. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot, either way - by not saying yes fast enough to the first, or by not having the interview with the 2nd.

What are your thoughts?

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answers from Dallas on

While I do agree with others that you should not share the informaiton of multiple interviews IF one offers and you are still interviewing simply say.
Wonderful. I'd like to review the terms of employment before I commit. Would you be willing to send over the paperwork/job description/pay grade/benefits, etc. and give me and my family a few days to review it before I make a final commitment?

There is nothing more unprofessional than to accept a position and then decline it because you got "a better offer." If you didn't want it, you should not accept it. Period!
If the company is unwilling to share this information with you, this could be a red flag, btw.
Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!! with both the potential positions.

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answers from Washington DC on


You continue with the interviews, until you have an offer in writing with a formal start date DO NOT STOP Interviewing....I'm a recruiter.

Don't forget your thank you notes for the interviews you've already had - not just an e-mail but a hand-written thank you note - I know many people don't agree - but i can tell you from talking to hiring managers how much that sets you aside from anyone else.

If you have an interview -GREAT! If they offer you the job in writing - GREAT!!! If they verbally offer you the job when you walk out the door - don't be sooo excited and say YES! right away - ask to see the benefits package (if you have one) and ask for 24-48 hours to think it over and compare it against other offers you have.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Ask them their timeline for making a decision and tell them you need X amount of time to consider all offers, discuss with your husband, etc. It's totally normal and expected that you can spend some reasonable amount of time considering an offer. Definitely take both interviews. And, if they do make you an offer, you should request that they send you all the details in writing. Then, you can thoughtfully consider the offer, and start the negotiation process.

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answers from San Francisco on


HR will send you a formal offer letter and there is usually a deadline date to accept or reject. Hopefully there should be enough time in between to have your next interview.


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answers from Dallas on

You can always ask for details on the offer, preferably an actual written offer letter. Then tell them you are definitely interested but need 24 hours to review and/or discuss with significant other (if there is one). Most companies don't offer on the spot, they generally call back later to make the offer. Congratulations and good luck!!

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answers from Lafayette on

usually they will give you at least a week to answer. if they don't give you a deadline, tell them you will get back to them by a certain date. that way the know not to expect something immediately.

but do make sure to send them thank you letters for the interview. i learned this goes a long way on things like that.

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answers from San Francisco on

Wait and see which is the better offer and position---go through both interviews but don't say that you are interviewing at another place. You can always say yes and decline if the other offer is better for you.

Best wishes!




answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree--keep the 2nd company interview info to yourself.
ALWAYS accept, if offered..there will still be time to investigate the other offer and do the interview.
If pressed for a time frame you can start, I'd default to the standard 2 weeks that most people give to their current employer--if you are not working it will take you 2 weeks to nail down your child care plan right? ;-)
Good luck!

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