Have You or Someone You Know Used a Surrogate/gestational Carrier?

Updated on October 29, 2011
M.S. asks from Frisco, TX
6 answers

My husband and I are using my sister to carry our embryos. It seems so overwhelming! Legal aspects, insurance, tests .. Any advice or stories of your journey would be great! Thanks Moms

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So What Happened?

We did ivf twice. The fist time was with 1 poor quality embryo that didn't implant so we did another round and were successful in getting qreat quality embryos and the 2 we put in both implanted and went full term! My sister is an angel,one of a kind. We're doing it again! :)

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answers from San Antonio on

I've been a surrogate twice for two separate families. The one thing I can't stress enough get a contract signed that covers everything you can possibly think of so if anything comes up, you can refer to the contract. I know your sister is carrying for you, but you still need a contract.

I don't know what it's like for the IM (intended mother), but I know what it's like for the surrogate. If you ever want to chat feel free to message me.


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answers from Seattle on

I haven't used a surrogate yet, but my older sister said that if I am not able to get pregnant in the next 5 years then she will do just what your sister is doing. It is very expensive. The IVF to implant the embryo is not usually covered, but if the surrogate has insurance then you are usually only responsible for the bill after insurance is charged. It's be the equivalent to paying your own medical bills durning the pregnancy. In my research the most expensive part of the whole process is ensuring that everything is in place legally.

I am interested in knowing how this turns out for you and to read other stories as well. Best of luck to you and your new little one.



answers from Charlotte on

I haven't. But I wondered if you have been reading about the couple who had a surrogate carry twins for them. There were complications, and the woman who carried them is stuck with an over $200,000 hospital bill that the couple was supposed to pay. What a mess!

Just a head's up, that's all!




answers from Denver on

An aquaintence of mine has done this twice for the same family. The mother was unable to carry a baby to term. The surrogate mother had been adopted and she felt that this was a great way to honor her own birth mother in giving the gift of a child to a couple who so desperatly wanted children. The surrogate mother and her entire family have become good friends with the family and see them yearly.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hey there M.,
Although we did not use a surrogate, we did use an egg donor and it was a remarkable experience. We had to go through all the same legal aspects as a surrogate, etc, but it was so worth it. I now have a gorgeous 21 month old boy and he is my pride and joy. I see a lot of our donor in him, but that only sparks thoughts of appreciation for her sacrifice on our behalf. Next to my husband he's the light of my life. It is an amazing journey and the time will go by fast. What an awesome gift your sister is giving you!!!


answers from San Francisco on

I know a mom who had 4 kids of her own, and then acted as a surrogate for her best friend 3 times! I met this mom at our daughters' ballet class, and she was the sweetest lady. She's one of those lucky women who just loves being pregnant, and since she had 4 kids of her own already, she didn't mind helping her friend have babies too! It worked out well for all involved. I know that they were paying for all of her medical care, obviously, but other than that she did not accept any money from them. I don't know what kind of legal documentation was involved. Anyhow, I just found their story and their friendship to be really inspirational.

Best of luck with your journey!

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