Has Anyone Tried Bee Pollen Granules for Allergies?

Updated on May 06, 2010
3.B. asks from Tampa, FL
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I have a son who has a LOOOONNNGG history of allergies and asthma. We have tried multiple Rx and OTC drugs for his allergies, and he uses an inhaler when needed for asthma which is quite frequent. I also have taken him to a holistic healer many times. Needless to say, he hasnt gotten much better. He has been tested and poor guy is allergic to it all. Cats,dogs,birds,trees,pollen,mold on and on I could go. Well a friend of mine mentioned the other day that her friend has been taken bee pollen granules with her breakfast and it's working wonders. I am very curious to give it a shot, and also eager to find ANYTHING natural or Rx to help my son, preferably natural. Any advice, experience, feedback?? Thanks in advance ladies :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice moms! Im going to look up a local bee keeper, and give this a shot! Believe me, I've tried it all. $300 air purifiers, tonics from the rainforest, high doses of vitamin C, acidilophus, the list goes on. So maybe this will be the ticket :) I will update in a few months to share if it worked!

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answers from Toledo on

Have you tried NAET? It is an awesome, succesful and all natrual way to get rid of allergies. My son couldn't even be in the same room with peanuts and he would react (also had many other sensitivities)-we went through the ,NAET appts (at ABA chiropractic - in Toledo) and we just took him to his allergist for his oral challenge and blood work a couple of weeks ago and he is PERFECT!!! No reaction AT ALL!! Dr.Pickens (the Dr. at ABA) has a website with more info...abachiropractic.com. I know a lot of people that have seen him for Many probs and he has helpd them when others didn't. Good luck!!!

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answers from Augusta on

I haven't tried the granules but eating raw local honey EVERYDAY will help with pollen allergies.
You have to find local honey other wise it won't have local pollen in it. And you have to give it to him everyday not just allergy season but EVERYDAY.
It's even better if you can get it with the comb in it.



answers from Provo on

I have relatives that take the bee pollen and it is working wonders for allergies.



answers from Cincinnati on

Funny to read this since I hadn't heard anything about this until reading The Eat Clean Diet. I am giving it a try. I also have a friend who said her grandpa swore by putting a tablespoon or two of LOCAL honey on his toast each morning. She struggled with sinus infections until she started doing the same thing. Now she does it (and her kids too) and they are all off of Claritin. My son has year round allergies and I'm getting ready to try him on the local bee pollen that I bought as well. I think the key is to start out with a small amount and gradually increase it. I'd also talk to your doc since he has such a long history of allergies AND asthma.



answers from Cincinnati on

Bee pollen is great. Also, local raw honey (not from the grocery store) is very good. Taken daily. It has been known to cure allergies...It will take a couple months, but it will work. The honey in the grocery has been cooked for shelf life and it has no food value....Also, honey in the store marked made in usa is possibly mixed with honey from China. Buy LOCAL !!!!!! Good luck..........M. B.



answers from Boston on

I have never tried the bee pollen thing but when I was younger my allergies were so bad-mold, dust mites and a few others-the only thing that worked for me were the allergy shots. I had to go a few times a week but now its so much better.



answers from Indianapolis on

I have tried them and they are great. Why not try them what have you got to lose. You can buy them through natures sunshine for about 10.00 and they are the real thing in capsules. I use to buy them from a bee farmer that picked them himself years ago, (in a little baggie) for about $4.00 but that was about 20 years ago!



answers from Columbus on

Try probiotics and quercetin. I haven't had any experience with these, but I've heard that they can help. Plus, cod liver oil/fish oil can really help the immune system.



answers from Atlanta on

I used to take bee pollen regularly until the company that distributed it went out of business. I never found another company that had the same quality for the pollen so I haven't taken it in years. If it's working for your friend it's worth a try. Bees manufacture the natural antibodies to make the queen strong and live longest. Local honey is medicinal as well to take care of seasonal and local allergies.

God bless,




answers from Indianapolis on

I agree that local honey is a good option. I also want to recommend a couple other things. Consider the cleaning products and personal care that you use. Many have chemicals that can contribute to allergies and be triggers. Also, a high quality probiotic is helpful, vitamin c is a natural antihistimine and alfalfa also has allergy reducing benefits. I help families with these issues and can provide infomation and resources to help you. Let me know and I would love to help!
Tammy Mutter



answers from Albuquerque on

Hi, My husband takes it for his seasonal allergies with good results. The important things to note are that 1. you buy locally produced bee pollen, and that 2. you start off small and build up to the regular dose so that you don't develop an allergic reaction to the bee pollen.

For myself, I went to a NAET practitioner for my allergies. The bee pollen is a lot less expensive but requires continual usage during the allergy season.

Good luck!

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