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Updated on October 24, 2012
K.S. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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I am looking to decrease my expenses as it relates to hair care and I am a little afraid to try coloring my own hair. I did hear the recommendation of going to a beauty school and I figured since I just want an overall color (not highlights) that it would probably be ok. I called to make a reservation and they told me I needed to come in for a patch test first to make sure I am not allergic to the products. I have never done this in going to a salon, so it gave me pause on if I really wanted to try this. Has anyone ever used a beauty school to have their hair colored? I was looking at Empire in Arlington Heights, although I know they have locations in other states too. Any recommendations/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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answers from New York on

My daughter got part of her hair dyed purple at a local beauty school. The supplies to do it at home would have cost more than the beauty school charged. They did a fantastic job. There was no "allergy test" done, but they also weren't applying the dye to the scalp, just to the ends of the hair. I did have to sign a release form.

I do understand the reasoning behind performing the patch test. It's a good idea in the rare event that you do have an alergy and it's possible that it may be a law in your state.

At a good beauty school, everything is closely supervised by an instructor. IMO you should give it a try.

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answers from Chicago on

I went to beauty schools all throughout college for my highlights and cuts. Yes, all beauty schools will require you to do a skin patch test before your appt (even the Aveda Institute in Lincoln Park requires this.) [Edited to correct: I thought that it was Empire that I went to, but it was actually Arlington Academy--sorry, I was confused because I have an Empire right by me in my current town.]

I think for an all over color you'll be just fine going there. I had 1 or 2 so-so highlight jobs there, but usually it was just fine. You can't beat their prices!!

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answers from Chicago on

Some schools will want you to come in for a patch test just to cover themselves if you were to have any kind of reaction. The school I went to (CSI in Crystal Lake) just had you sign a consent form. By the time the students are on the salon floor, they *should* know how to formulate and apply color properly. You can ALWAYS request a more advanced student and the instructor will put you with someone who is either further along with hours, or someone who has shown that they know what they are doing. I actually recommend that if you do go to a school, that you make that request. There were some girls that I attended school with whos talents were questionable. Good luck :)



answers from Chicago on

I have gone to Empire a few times. I have not had my hair completely colored (just highlights). They are still learning, but I think they will 'make it right' if you don't like what happened. They have a teacher check you before you go.


answers from Houston on

I am a hairstylist. I find the patch test laughable.. they only do it to cover themselves from lawsuits should an allergic reaction occur, and yes, it IS recommended. But really, no salon requires this, or has clients who even has the time or desire to do it. I went to The Paul Mitchell School, an extremely good school, and we never did patch tests, however, things could have changed in the past few years.

Since you are just getting an all over color, it should be fine. The instructor will help formulate the color and guide the student on how to apply. They should already know by this point though.



answers from Chicago on

I've gone to Aveda in Lincoln Park many, many times when I used to highlight my hair. They are great and an instructor is always there to check on the students. They are very professional and I've always had great results. I highly recommend Aveda but if you are in a rush, they are not for you. Expect to be there for a least 3 hours if you are getting any type of color process. The prices are amazing so it was worth it to me.

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