Issues with Dry-Cleaners on N. Beach! What Should I Do?

Updated on June 04, 2007
E.L. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi Mamas,
I just received a very shocking phone call from my dry cleaners and needed some advice.

I have been using the same company since they opened, about 3 years ago, and have never had any issues. Last week I took several items and 3 came back to me with issues, 2 pairs or pants had spots and a dress shirt was missing 1 cufflink. I returned them and the wife of the owner was very nice, noted the issues and asked me to return today.

Today the tan pants were lighter where the spots had been and the other pants had new marks… no cufflinks. The owner just called me to tell me that the cufflinks were not their responsibility; the pants would look normal after a few washes and the other pants were not supposed to be dry-cleaned and didn’t react well.

THEN HE SAID… “3 months ago you were dropping stuff off and a friend of mine from a different cleaners told me to watch out for you because you are a difficult person!” I hadn’t even used that other cleaners… how inappropriate!!

How can I get my clothes fixed or my money back? What should I say to this guy? How bizarre!

Thanks Ladies!

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answers from Dallas on

I use to work at a dry cleaners for several years, and it is true... they get scam artists ALL the time. I have seen it so many times, so yes, some dry cleaners in areas do watch out for problem customers to help other cleaners out while they are being scammed. So I can see how he would be quick to accuse, especially if he is getting fed up with other scammers right now.

In your case, since you have been a good client for all that time, it is odd he would just accuse you like that. I would be upset too.

Perhaps another phone call to the wife, explaining the situation, how you have been a good customer for 3 years and never had any problems, but these issues you are having now needs to be resolved.

Usually, dry cleaners, after attempting a couple of times to fix a problem, may replace the item, if you have a comparable price reciept. For example if it's a $40 pair of pants, but they are 5 years old, obviously they should give you a refund for the pants, but not the full $40 since age needs to be considered as well. So yes, I would ask for money to replace the damaged items if they are not more accomadating. I do think they should have not cleaned the pants since they are not dry cleanable, they should have checked for that. And the other pants that they said should be fine after a few washes, doesn't really make sense.

Also, sad to say, but I don't see how they should be responsible for the cufflinks. They should have been removed from the clothing before hand. They probably even have a sign up that states they are not responsible for items like pins, brooches... that are supposed to be removed from clothing or things left in pockets.

Oh, and contacting the Better Business Bureau probably won't get you very far. They practically file complaints and don't always act on them, but you can always try.



answers from Dallas on

Yep. Better Business Bureau.



answers from Dallas on

I would totally file a complaint!


answers from Dallas on

I would contact the Better Business Bureau. You can file online as well.


PS I have worked with the BBB on more than 1 occasion, specifically with a home builder. They certainly helped move things through the system to attempt to resolve issues.



answers from Dallas on

Try the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce. If that doesn't work, try that consumer guy on Channel 4 (or whichever). Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I just had to respond to this! I have had a very bad experience with dry cleaning in Sachse off of Hwy. 78. It was a few years ago, and I can't remember the name of the store.

My issue was similar in the fact that they tried to put the blame on me. I had 3 new dress shirts & 2 others dry cleaned together. I took them home & realized they stapled my shirts together where they had placed the reciept on the shoulder of my shirts to the plastic covering. All the shirts had holes in them from the stapler. they told me they didn't do that!! Can you imagine calling the customer a liar. They finally agreed to give me some compensation back... Free Dry Cleaning!! Like I would ever bring my things back to them! I was out over $200.00, and lost the trust in dry cleaners. I did spread the word to friends not to go there. I was told there is not anything you could do, unless you want to go to small claims court. If it happened again, I would! Good Luck, and so sorry!

D. Godfrey



answers from Dallas on

I would send them a letter and copy the Better Business Bureau. They will investigate. They may not be able to recoup your money, but if they have enough complaints they will lose business. That's really all I know to do...many dry cleaners have signs saying that they are not responsible for damage to clothes..not fair I know, but this has been my experience. Good luck hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

Boy, I worked at a dry cleaner's in college and this would never have flown with the owner - he would have made it right! While I agree BBB is the way to go I would caution you on approaching a local TV news station with this, not really very newsworth, but definately submit a "jeers" to the FWST to make your voice heard by all, and vent to feel a bit better(I know I would want to:))
Also if you would like the name of a FABULOUS cleaners who also does incredible embroidery work Caspers off 377 has just been wonderful to our family. May be a little out of your way, but had to offer up a reference.



answers from Dallas on

I used to manage a Dry Cleaners in South Texas.

I would report them to the BBB NOW!!! That is not acceptible to do to customers. Also go to our local news stations websites and submit a complaint to their "what's bugging you" like reporters. They will follow up with you and possibly do a story. I have done it before and you can also ask to remain annonymous.

The pants that are messed up should be replace at their cost. Both pair. It is their job to check every tag to see whether it can be dry cleaned or not. If an item was turned in to be dry cleaned and couldn't be, they should have not put it in their machine. They should have called you to see if you wanted them laundered instead or not do anything at all until you returned to the store. If the one pair that could be drycleaned would look normal after a few washes tells me that they don't know what they are talking about or doing. If they were to be drycleaned, then don't wash them. If they went in for some reason with spots that you were not aware of then they were not treated the first time. The important thing about spot treating dry cleaning items is treating it with the right chemical. That is why they ask you what the spot is. If you and they are unsure of what it is, they can treat it but no guarantees it will come out. If they are coming back with spots that were not there, tells me that something happened in their machine or with an iron while it was being pressed. Now, cufflinks are really not their responsibility. But, they should have some one checking for things like that and if found put them in a "found item" envelope, tag them with your number and attach them to your order. Sounds to me like some one found themselves a pair of cufflinks and they have a new owner. They do check for those things because they CAN'T go into the machines or it could mess up their machine. You need to keep fighting them on this. I have seen people picket at dry cleaners because of service. Dry cleaning is one of the toughest businesses though.

Some little dry cleaning tidbits:

I withnessed a silk shirt go in on the wrong setting and explode into thousands of pieces.

Dry cleaning means go in dry and comes out water involved just chemicals.

There is really no difference between No, Light, Medium, or Heavy starch. No and Light requests go in together with no starch, and medium and heavy go in with starch. There is starch or no starch. They are laundered with starch then pressed wet to give them the crispness. Requesting extra or heavy means they will spray more prior to pressing.

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