Good Bag for Moms??

Updated on January 11, 2011
J.J. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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Does anyone recommend a good bag for a busy mom of 4? I have gone through so many and want to find one that suit all my needs! My kids are 10, 8, 3, and 18 months. I need to carry my own wallet, phone, lipgloss, etc. but also a few diapers, wipes, small toys, a DS, etc. I am really hoping to find something that I can wear across my body so my hands are free! Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be an actual diaper bag as I am hoping to be out of diapers within the year!

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answers from Toledo on

Hi J.,
I love, love, LOVE my Vera Bradley messenger bag! It is just the right size, not too overly big, but definitely big enough to fit everything the kids and I need. It's got lots of pockets inside and two big ones on the outside. Now, I know Vera Bradley can be quite pricey, but I found mine on Ebay for $12, and it has been worth every penny!

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answers from New York on

omg i have been questing forever. as soon as i didnt need the stroller every single place anymore, i realized i need a backpack. but i want one that can also be a shoulder or messenger, and not too big. i know exactly what i want, i could draw it, just cant find it.

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answers from San Francisco on

I love my Ju Ju Be Between. It is marketed as a diaper bag but it is the size of a purse. You can buy a matching wallet to go with it.

In fact, about four months ago my wallet was stolen. Since I didn't have any cash and quickly canceled my credit cards, I was most upset over losing my wallet. Luckily, the police were able to find her and within six hours I had my wallet (and canceled credit cards). The best part of the story...because she committed this theft next to my baby, it was considered a felony.

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answers from Columbus on

I don't know of a band name bag, but if you go to your local Marshalls or T.J. Max; they have great HUGE bags. I'm sure you'll find one that suits your needs.
Good luck!


answers from Sacramento on

Here's what I have, in black: Except mine has 2 exterior pockets (like bottle holders, except that it's not technically a diaper bag - I use them to stow the cell phone, car keys etc).

My husband jokes that it's my "duffel bag," but I love it because it is big enough for everything, and Dooney Bourke makes bags that take a beating and still look great (which is so helpful when your children insist on getting into it and dragging each other around the house...). One of my little darlings dumped an entire bottle of hand sanitizer into my bag, and you actually can't even tell now. The leather exterior still looks great.

I hope you find something you like that will work for you!


answers from Biloxi on

When mine was little I went the diaper bag route at first. Then wound up carrying him, a diaper bag and a purse. Way to much. I finally got a good, sturdy, large backpack. It had enough compartments to separate my stuff from his and when I needed both hands I just put both arms through the straps and viola!

Check out a camping supply store or a sporting goods store. There is a huge selection of backpacks and messenger bags out there.



answers from Cincinnati on

have you heard of Thirty One Gifts? They have great bags. A lot of my friends use the Cindy Tote for the bag that you are describing - it's not totally hands free but has a great handle. They also have a messenger bag and a cinch sac that is great too and you would be hands free. Check out my consultant's website - cute, monogrammed stuff! I'm addicted! Best Wishes!



answers from Topeka on

I go through so many diaper bags purses big bigger & huge just to carry my things baby things & toddler things now that my baby isn't exactly a baby she is going on 2 she will carry her own mini purse I don't carry around extra diapers they are left in the car,my toddler who is 4 tomorrow loves her purses or back packs so that takes a load off mom now on the search for the perfect purse again...Good Luck a woman is never complete without the purse (at least for me I feel naked without one)



answers from Cincinnati on

When I was at the point where I still needed to carry a couple of diapers, a bottle, a few toys, plus my own stuff, I wanted something fun, easy to wash and something I could wear across my body. I knew exactly where to go -- the local outdoor market. Not sure about the ones around here, but I was able to pick one up for about $10. This type of Indian bag: If you want a lot of pockets, it's not for you, but it worked great for me. Ziploc for toiletries and I was fine. I have other big bags and backpacks, but I wanted something simple and fun.



answers from Anchorage on

I use a north face back pack. Love it!!! It has four different compartments and some compartments have more inside. I can carry pretty much anything inside. My backpack holds a sippy cup on one side pocket and a bottle on the other. I also carry diapers, wipes, a pair or extra clothes for both kids, my infant carrier, toys, snack food, my wallet, pacifiers, makeup,blankets, camera,and so much more. I gave up on my diaper bag when my first born was about a year old. It wore out my shoulder,the zipper would often bust when it tried to stuff it with so many essential items, and when I needed to find something quick I couldn't even find it. I bought it at REI. Was not cheap, but very well made and I did get what I paid for. Anyways, hope you find something that suits your needs. Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

I use a denim backpack type purse. It works quite nicely for all my "necessities", but isn't so big that it's cumbersome. I have used the heavier leather backpack purses, but the denim is a lot more comfortable. It washes nicely, and over the past several years has faded into a nice shade and has a character that matches mine.

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