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Updated on June 16, 2010
D.W. asks from Nashville, TN
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I am looking for the next step from a diaper bad.

We are going on vacation and I want something like a backpack but small for my fdaughters essentials.

Any suggestions?

I've looked at the quilted one that you can put the child's name on and I've looked at vera bradley. Should I go with one that my daughter can use as she gets older and is cute or should I get a mommy friendly one that I can pack around also?

I need one with some compartments as my money and phone will be in their also.

Thanks so much!!

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So What Happened?

I LOVE the ju ju be packabes but naturally cannot spend that much on a bag-that is the style I am going for though because of all of the room and the easy clean up.

Looking for a knock off or watching ebay -thanks all!!

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answers from Houston on

I'm gonna have to go with Vera Bradley on this one. Their stuff is so cute and versatile and they have so many different options to choose from. You could even get a matching wallet! Ha!

The quilted Stephen Joseph backpacks are cute too, but keep in mind that you will be carrying this, not her and she will likely want to pick out her own backpack by the time she is old enough to carry one.

Have a great vacation!

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answers from Dallas on

Since she's so young and not even a toddler yet, I'd get one for you and get her her own later on.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with Bethany. I can guaruntee she will want something other than what you will want and find most helpful. She will ready for a backpack in 3 to 5 years. Pixar or Disney haven't even put into production the next children's tale that will influence your daughter to want a backpack with their character on it. (Each of my kids wanted to pick out their own back pack.)

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Washington DC on


I LOVE Vera Bradley....if you can afford it - do both - one for you and one for her.

DO NOT put your daughter's name on it - at least on the outside where others can see it (this is a red flag for child abductor's as they can call your daughter by her name and she WILL respond).

Vera Bradley has many backpack style purses that will handle your needs!!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Get a nice, quilted Vera! Lots of room and pockets!

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answers from New York on

My two cents... I have the Vera Bradley diaper bag (along with tons of her stuff) and will say this... NO COMPARTMENTS! Makes me crazy and I can't find anything in any of them! Great work bags b/c they hold files, but terrible to carry smaller things.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would go with something you wouldn't mind toting around. there are so many nice options now that look like handbags and are just sporty looking diaper bags. Try ebay if you can wait!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My Vera Bradleys all have many compartments. Someone mentioned that they have none, and it drives her crazy. It would me too, but the ones I have all have compartments. There are basic totes and such that don't, but all of mine do.

Definitely putting in my vote for Vera Bradley. I have actually been considering a VB backpack for myself! I'd definitely get one for yourself at this point. If your daughter is old enough to want something to carry herself, you could get her a little matching something... if money's not too tight. She might like having a matching bag to mommy's! And VB has 2 backpack sizes, as well as a sling back sack (not sure if this is still in production, but you can still order them in some of the older prints.)

So another vote for Vera Bradley!

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answers from St. Louis on

I second not putting her name on it - too easy for people to call her by that name, which you don't want a stranger to do it. If anything, put her initials on it.

What about 31 bags (have you heard of these?) or L.L. Bean?

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answers from Seattle on

I used a mini backpack for my daughter to carry her own couple of toys and a snack. she loved it and it fit her just right. Then I have just used a regular backpack for myself to put her diaper essentials, extra snacks, and whatever else I might need for the day. It has worked great and not too expensive. I never bought a diaper bag for my third child. I just used my backpack.

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answers from Raleigh on

I LOVE my Vera Bradley backpack. A great step up from the diaper bag, but still has enough room for everything! Mine is pink (and I have a son), so he will never use it for him, but I have DEFINITELY gotten my money's worth. It has compartments and it also has lots of space. As my son has gotten bigger (and no longer needs diapers, wipes, etc.) I have switched over to the Vera Bradley Villager and I LOVE that too! Still plenty of space, and oodles of compartments so nothing little gets lost! I live for Vera Bradley though, so maybe I'm not the girl to ask! ;)

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answers from Nashville on

My favorite is a tote. I love my LL Bean tote. You can get it small to HUGE. Literally the large one is HUGE. You can get it with a zipper which is great. It comes with one pocket inside but you can always put a small zippered bag inside for your small things. I use one in our pool bag for my phone, keys, watch, etc
I do have the Vera Bradley backpack and it is really nice with tons of pockets but it does not hold as much.
You can get your daughter her own backpack for her things.....

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