Gift Ideas for 6 Yr Old Girl with Autism

Updated on November 28, 2011
C.H. asks from Mentor, OH
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Looking for some advise. Our family picked a name from the giving tree at church for a 6 yr old girl with autism. We would like to get an appropriate gift for her, if anyone could offer a good suggestion. She likes to play games and if I can incorporate some type of learning activity and music along with it, that would be great! Thank you for your help.

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answers from Honolulu on

A tree swing hammock chair.

I got one for a gift.
But as I was researching it via Amazon, it was interesting that many of the reviews were from parents that have an autistic child. They said how it was a good relaxing thing for them etc.
Just as an example:
If you read the reviews of this item, you will notice some from parents of autistic kids.
I don't know personally about this.
So this is just what I have read.

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answers from Chicago on

If you know any of the things they are working on with her Toys R Us has a book of toys for "differntly abled" kids and it points out what the toy's strengths are. So if a toy is better for kids that need work on fine or gross motor or hand eye etc it's great and I use it for all my special needs kid's gifts including my own son's! Oh and I think for a girl with Autism a great category no matter the age is under the Self Esteem part of the guide.

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answers from Minneapolis on

This Christmas, Toysrus actually has a gift giving guide for special needs children. Not sure if it's online, but they do have them in the store.


answers from Kansas City on

They like anything that is sensory stimulating, for instance, a snow globe that can turn on and change colors ans it wizzes the flakes around, or bubbles, as mentioned below, or those color changing nightlights (ebay), puzzles (big and bulky ones), books with bright pictures and easy to read words if she can read or someone can read to her.

Music CD's is a great way for her to enjoy and learn, some of Dora's CD's are great for that - or you could do Barney - top 20 countdown.. sings of good manners, colors, animals and more..

If she likes journals, get "a journal of a whimpy kid"

Or ear phones that plays MP3's or a cheap MP3 player to muffle out sounds when she gets overwhelmed.


answers from Detroit on

I have a 5.5 y/o girl who is autistic. My daughter displays high functioning traits.

The spectrum can be so broad so it is so hard to pinpoint the perfect gift but is she likes music and learning here are my suggestions:

1. Preschool Prep meet the sight words DVD
2. Mat Man from handwriting without tears (copy of the pieces are cheaper on ebay).
3. There are games without music that can also increase focus like Memory, and Operation (also good for fine motor and writing prep).
4. My daughter also likes puzzles both jigsaws and the 3d ones where she looks at a picture and then builds according to the picture. Ours has castle turrets(sp) toy is in her room and she is likely to wake up if I get in there.


answers from Wichita on

Bubbles! I have an autistic relative who is 25 years old. Bubbles on the front porch make him laugh and smile as if he was on a roller coaster. It cracks me up to see him so happy over just bubbles. In her case, maybe a few neat bubble tools to add to the excitement. This is just a personal experience, now I am thinking it might not be a great idea considering it's for Christmas & the weather is cold.

Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

My 5 year old autistic son loves playing with his Vtech Alphabet Apple(albeit not a game exactly, but it does have different game modes on it) and he loves to play games such as yahtzee, or connect 4.



answers from Beaumont on

I would go to a teacher supply store. That's a great idea by the way....

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