Getting Grease Smell Out of House

Updated on August 27, 2010
M.D. asks from Plano, TX
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Okay to make a long story short, we had a grease over spill in our stove and leaked into our oven. I turned on the self-cleaning element on the oven not realizing there must have been a lot more oil that I hadn't cleaned up, the whole house smells like oil. Is there anyway to get the smell out? I've used air fresheners but I still smell, we've air out a little; is it really just going to take time?

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So What Happened?

Thank you ALL, I still have some of the oil smell but it's not as strong. I'll give it some time and keep washing everything!

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Anytime you cook food, it releases small oil droplets into the air. That is why the food odor can be sensed throughout the house. Over time the oil collides into dust in the air which will eventually weigh the oil down and cause it to fall to the ground or stick to something. That is why dust sticks...and can't just be blown need to wipe it away.
In order to get rid of the smell, you need to clean up the mess as much as possible and that would extend to dusting and vacuuming, almost every surface in the home. You probably need to even wipe down everything you can too.
Over time, the grease will break down by itself but that all depends on how much you have spread throughout the house.
Air fresheners typically only mask the odor, or will trick your nose into not smelling the odors, but for these to work they have to come in contact with the grease source. Most air purifiers release ozone that works wonders on odors, but scar your lung tissue (If you get an air purifier, find one that doesn't release ozone.)
To accelerate the breakdown of the grease, you may be able to find some good enzymes. This will just help to remove the source quickly. You would spray these enzymes like fabreeze (in a little spray bottle), or you may be able to find a company that can fog your home with them.
My company cleans up old restaurants that have a stale grease smell, and after we fog them with enzymes patrons and the employees can always tell a huge difference.
I hope this helps you.



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Have you tried Fabreeze?



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Lampe Berger is great for taking odors out of the house. Several years ago we had a skunk spray under our house and our L.B. got rid of the smell. We got my MIL one and she uses it everytime she cooks fish to get rid of the smell. Worth every penny!!

Something else you can try is putting bowls of baking soda around the house. It may take a while but I've heard it works for cig. smoke smell. You can also sprinkle it on your carpet, wait a while and vaccum. I've also heard of putting bowls of kitty litter around the house to absorb odors. Last charcoal works great. I buy Keep it Dry Closet Deodorizer at Walmart in the aisle with the irons. It has odor absorbing charcoal in it and is suppost to last up to 4 months. I use them under my sinks in the bathroom where we have our dirty clothes baskets. Work GREAT!



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Hi !
I usually boil water on the stove with a teaspoon of vanilla extract, some clove buds, and a bay leaf or two, and let it just steam for about half an hour. Does the trick every time !
Good luck !



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If after trying the other suggestions, you still notice an odor, think about a Lampe Berger, or one of the alternative brands. Lampes are kind of expensive, but I found this web site of alternatives that range from $14.95 (on sale in Bargain Basement of website) to $100s: They work wonderfully for any kind of cooking or other odors. Fragrance Lamps, also know as Catalytic Fragrance Lamps, or Effusion Lamps, are one of the hottest new trends in home fragrance. Fragrance Lamps offer a very unique and decorative alternative to the traditional candle.Fragrance Lamps offer the following in their unique design
• Burn with no flame after a brief start up period (2 minutes).
• Utilize the catalytic combustion process to emit fragrance into the air at a faster rate than a candle.
• Purify the air through the release of aldehydes, rising oxygen, and Ozona.
• Allow for a huge variety of fragrance options using the same fragrance lamp.
• Come in a large variety of beautiful decorative vase-like containers.
• Offer an exceptional conversation piece to share with friends, family, and guests.
I sound like a commercial and I could do one. My cousin, who is a smoker (and her house smells wonderful)introduced me several years ago to Lampe Berger. I use mine frequently. Might not be good for people with fragrance sensitivities. Good luck in getting rid of the oil odor.



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Thank you for your kind words with answering my question on my teenage son. In addition, I can share with you a great line of products.... Young Living, is a great company with a couple products that will help you with the grease smell in your house. Not just air fresheners to cover the smell. One, I would buy a cleaner called Thieves household cleaner, it is an excellent toxic chemical free product that will break down the smoke where ever it found to creep into your house. Also, they have a blended essential oil called purification. This is an excellent oil for removing all smells from anything, including animals, cigarette smoke and mildew. You can get these wholesale from Young Living you can also find a local distributor that sells them at events from fairs to expos. You can use them once and the smell will be gone. If you would like additional help let me know I can also mail it to you as I do also have them on hand. Wholesale price is around $40.00. Hope this helps, thank you again,




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Dear M.,
You said you tryed air fresheners,Are you talking about sprays? There is a air purfier that should do the job and keep your whole house clean. Go to
check it out and she what you think.
Good luck
J. G


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Make sure you have gotten all the grease cleaned may need to pull the stove/oven out from the wall to make sure there is no grease between the cabinets & the side of the oven or under it. Then remember the smell permeates fabrics so vacuum your furniture & drapes then give them a good spray of febreeze. Take some lemons and put a few cut up pieces in the disposal and run it and then take a few in a bowl of water and run it in your microwave. This will diffuse the lemon smell in the house.

I have done this after things have been burned in the house & it works well. You could also put some charcoal in a brown paper bag in the oven while it is turned off over night to help absorb any lingering smells there.

Good luck! Hope this helps.