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Updated on May 18, 2013
H.G. asks from Mesquite, TX
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Morning yall!
My puppy is 9 months old and she hates being outside! I put her out on the back yard to do her business but all she does is stand and jump in the back yard to try and get back in. Therefore, the patio is covered in her poop and pee. You can't even go out the door without dodging it! I pick it up but I swear it still stinks! What should I use to get that smell out? It is gross!

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So What Happened?

There is no difference in the grass at all. She will go in the front yard so why am I punishing her putting her in the back? I admit I am new at this but ?? She doesn't like her leash and we do take her out on it every day and she does not go. She holds it and walks in just to do it in the house!

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I would also try walking her for her potty breaks, so she is comfortable with other places. Friend's dog got spooked in their yard and would no longer go out by herself, so they walked her whenever she needed to go out after that. Kind of kills 2 chores with one stone, too. She needs to be walked anyway. Just bring a baggie.

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answers from Chicago on

Use vinegar and water? Try power washing it, then put vinegar .. and rinse. it should help clear the smell.

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Train your dog.

Leave her outside so she gets used to the grass. (Its an unfamiliar texture.) Take the poop and put it in a corner of your yard where you want the dog to poop. Go to Home depot and buy a bag of steer manure and a bag of chicken manure and dump them out in the corner of the yard where you want the dog to go poop. When you take the dog out to go poop, go with her and keep her in the part of the yard where she is supposed to go poop/pee. Then wait until she goes. Then praise her and play with her in that part of the yard. Your dog will get the message. Right now she views going outside as a punishment which is why you aren't being successful.. Another reason is that a 9 month old puppy (or poopy) is kind of young to expect her to be house trained. But it is not too early to start.

BTW, if you are washing off the porch and just washing the poop and urine into the grass, the puppy can smell it and thinks that's where she should go poop. That's why you put the bags of manure in the corner of the yard where you want the dog to go poop. Be sure to spread the manure, not leave it in the bags or just pour it out in a pile.

Good luck to you and yours.

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I agree with Maureen. We had a cat with litter pan in the basement. For a while my girls were not cleaing it out like they should have so she decided to pee on the cement floor. We used vinegar and soapy water. Depending on what type of patio (brick vs cement) you could get a bucket setup and then pour it over and let it sit. You might have to do it a couple of times but it should work. Then a good rinsing. You can use environmentally friendly cleaner (I got mine at Home Depot) so you don't end up killing any grass around the patio.

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Your dog is insecure about going in the yard. That is not uncommon. Dogs can be very strange about where they go. Take the dog out on a leash and walk around in the grass until she goes. Praise her and give her a treat. Do think many times, until she is secure about going in the yard. Currently, the yard feels like a punishment (separation from family and home) and she will not change until you make the experience positive.

Right now, get a poop scoop and pick up all the poop. Wash your porch with vinegar.

ETA: There is no reason WHY, it's just the way it is with some dogs. Just like some people are afraid of butterflies, or something I would cosider silly. It just IS. The fact that she hold it to go in the house, is proof of a very insecure dog. She feels safe there. Dogs go where they feel safe and comfortable. The fact that she doesn't like her leash, also proves an insecure dog. Dogs LOVE walks, and they should love their leash. Play in the backyard with her, run around, give her treats. You will have to keep doing this every day, until that feels safe. I suggest you hire a dog trainer, or consult with ones. Insecure digs live their whole lives in fear and that can be dangerous for their health. She is young, so can be rehabilitated quickly.

Watch The Dog Whisperer. There are episodes both about insecure on walks, in general, and pooping in the yard.

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There is a spray at pet smart that you hook to your water hose. It is safe for the grass or the patio. It will neutralize the smell and it smells great. We used to use it all the time. I can't think of the name of it but just ask someone that works there. You will be amazed by the difference.


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I'd hose it off. Can you block off the patio so she can only be in the yard?



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You need to spend time with your puppy training her. Dogs don't instinctively know what to do. She is still a "child" and needs your guidance. If you don't have the time to do this then you may want to reconsider having a dog, or at least maybe a puppy is not for you. We got our dog when she was 4 months old. We would go outside with her and stand in the area we preferred to be her potty spot and slowly trained her to go to that area. You will likely need to use a leash to do this. Our dog was also not a big fan of the leash, but again, if you consistently use it to lead her to the potty spot, she'll get used to it.

Consider investing in a training class. We did one at Petsmart and it was a great help in training our dog on the basics.



answers from Wausau on

Wash ti down with a mix of white vinegar and dish soap. Soak the area, let it sit for five minutes, then hose it off.

Are you going outside in the yard with your puppy? If you've been staying inside, try going out with her to play further back in the yard. Eventually, she will go.



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Is there a reason she hates it? is the ground hot? Is the grass extra pokey? Ask your vet if this is something that some puppies have trouble with and how you can help yours with it. Perhaps putting a puppy pad for her to go on?



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Wow, I just remembered why I don't want a dog!:)

If vinegar doesn't work, try spraying it down with mouthwash!!! It got urine smell out of upholstrey, maybe it would work for your patio too.

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