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Updated on May 11, 2009
J.T. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
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Hi -

I have a question for those of you that use gdiapers..... I'm thinking about getting a couple for daycare to use while we switch to cloth at home. (I'm working on potty training but it hasn't been going so well since he's in daycare 3 days a week). Do they feel 'wet' like cloth diapers do or will he have the same 'dry' feeling the disposables give? I thought these might be easier for daycare to deal with but don't want them to hinder the training process.


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Hi J.,
I work at a child care center and your center should be helping with the potty training first of all. What we do is suggest parents use training pants with the rubber pants over them. Disposable diapers or pull ups soak up the wetness and the child doesn't feel it as much. We also have the child help with the clean up process -taking of the wet underpants and putting them in a bag (of course we help and make sure they are all cleaned up). This helps them to get the concept and they don't like the mess or the wetness they feel.
Good luck
J. H.

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I am using g diapers along with disposable. I use disposable at night. I really like the d diapers and the teachers at baby school were on board with them. They are wetter than disposables, I change her more often. My only "complaint" is that they are a bit messy with loose stools. My kids eat a ton a fruit...and my daughter just had tubes put in. Prior to her ears clearing up, we had lots of poops with the antibiodics. So...sometimes I would switch back to disposables, b/c it was just easier.

Good luck.



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There are lots of cloth systems that are just as easy as gdiapers, so if you are switching to cloth at home, I would just use the same for the daycare. Makes your life easier. Cloth diapers are great for faster potty-training because of the wetness feeling.



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I really liked g diapers. In my experience they seem drier than cloth but not dry like disposables since I don't think they have the gel filling.

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