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Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable?

I was wondering what you ladies thought of cloth diapers vs. disposables? I used Pampers with my first child and spent a fortune, especially the first several months. Have any of you had experience with both and would recommend one over the other? I'm not real excited about washing poop in my washer machine, are diaper services worth it? Do they hold as much as disposable? What about "gdiapers"?


Tips on Cloth Diapers

I have just taken the first steps in switching over from disposable diapers...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Diapering Options? FLUSHABLE GDIAPERS?

Hello! I have a 5 month old boy and have been using gdiapers, they are actually new to the US from Australia and are flushable! yes really flushable! My question is does anyone else have another option that is not so much work as cloth but not as bad as disposable diapers (it takes 500 years for 1 diaper to disintegrate, thats to much guilt for me!)similar to the gdiapers? ( I LOVE the g's but just want to experiment with other possible options. thanks!

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Natural Remedies for Red, Itchy Rash

My 21 month old boy has this large red rash on his bum/lower back. It started out small and didn't bother him and it was getting better but just this morning I got him out of bed and it is much worse and he is itching it now. The red areas are slightly raised and some areas are peeling. We are letting him run around with out his diaper as much as possible and we use Seventh Generation diapers so I know it isn't a sensitivity to his diaper. So, far we have just been using Earth's Best diaper rash onitment. I am wondering if any one has...


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Seeking Diaper Alternatives

I was intrigued last week reading about the gdiapers. I was also wondering what other alternatives are out there compared to disposable or cloth diapers.


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...

Potty Training

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Seeking Advice on the gDiapers

I recently came across a diaper alternative called gDiapers. Are there any moms who use these? I would love any kind of feedback, good or bad. Looking into an earth friendly alternative to disposable diapers for my second child. I can't see myself doing cloth diapers, but would like to do my part and keep my contributions to the landfill to minimum. Thanks!


When to Potty Train?

I have twin girls, almost 18 months old. One of my daughters is constantly...