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Home Maintenance Made Easy

A friend of mine will soon be a first time home owner. Having always lived in apartments myself, I know that there are regular maintenance jobs that go along with a home, or bleeding your radiators, cleaning the vents, chimney cleaning etc. who would a person turn to to learn how often that sort of thing has to be done and get a tutorial on how to do it? I am not in a position to advise. In the same way that I know that the oil in a car needs to be changed because the men in my life have always taken care of it, I wouldn’t know how often...


Gardening and Kids

For those of you with a green thumb, what have you found that works well...


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Advice About Cloth AIO or Pocket Diapers

I'm switching from disposables to gdiapers and cloth and can't decide about which cloth AIO diapers to use. I'm considering Happy Heinys, bumGenius, BerryPlush, etc. Anyone have experience or advice? BTW...I know that disposables (which are still in rotation while I' trying things out) sitting in landfills cannot possibly be a better alternative to what I'm doing. gdiapers biodegrade in less that 2 months vs. at LEAST 200 years for disposables.


Washing Machine Help

I am so fed up! It seems that all of my dark shirts have spots on them, I am...

Cleaning & Housekeeping

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Gdiapers and a Chubby Baby

Hey I'm wanting to try out gdaipers to get out of my cloth rutt. I want to use it as an alternative to disposables when I feel super lazy when we go out and about. BUT my son is a chunk. He's 17 months and 32 lbs. He has the thighs that most mom's just want to pinch and just jiggle the heck out of. Sooo. . .I'm a bit wary of the fit. Anyone with chunky babies and gdiapers? **Yup I use cloth diapers, and right now I just am soo lazy when it comes to them when out in public. I love them soo much, but I want to streamline my purse/diaper...