Fun Ways to Find Out the Gender of Our Baby

Updated on June 16, 2011
A.P. asks from Fruitland, ID
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My husband and I are expecting our third baby this November. With the first two we did not find out the gender and we have two awesome boys ages 3 and 1. We are thinking this baby will be the last one, and we would like to find out if we are having a boy or girl. I am wondering if any of you have done anything fun when finding out the gender of your baby? I have never gotten to surprise my husband with the fact that I was expecting because he always wanted to be right there when I took the test. :) So I would like this occasion to be memorable in some way. I was thinking of having the ultrasound tech write it down in an envelope and then having a small party and letting my friends surprise us. Now I'm not sure. I think a lot of people will assume we want a girl and think I will be disappointed with a boy. That is NOT the case at all! (I almost think it would be easier to have a boy since I'm used to dealing with them!) So, I would love your ideas or stories of what you have done. I want to have a fun memory to hang on to!

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answers from Dallas on

One cool way they do it around here is to have someone bake a cake (or a bakery) and make either the cake or the filling pink or blue. Frost the cake a neutral color and then at a party, cut the cake to see either pink or blue!

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answers from Chicago on

some people have the dr call a bakery that will specialize a cake according to the gender and have a party and cut into the cake and see if it is pink or blue

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answers from Augusta on

we did the cake gender party for my daughter's second baby. we just got together with the whole family at a restaurant for dinner. when she cut the cake my other daughter and I had pink and blue confetti-one color in each hand. when we saw the blue icing we just had to remember which hand to let loose of the confetti with! it was a lot of fun and let everyone know at the same time. my daughter took the sealed envelope to the girl who baked the cake. don't think i'd ask the dr to call the bakery...



answers from Pocatello on

Hi, first off, congrats on the baby! 3 out of the 4 in my family have Nov birthdays, so it's a good month!
I make cakes. I had a friend expecting baby #3. She asked me to make a cake to tell them what the sex was. The ultrasound tech called me with the sex and I put that color frosting inside the cake. The outside was just a fun gender friendly cake. So, they didn't know what it was until they cut it. It was fun and I felt special to know before them. They just had family there for the cutting. Their #3 was the third girl for them. They were happy with girl, even though they already had 2.
It was a fun way to find out all at once.



answers from Cincinnati on

I dont know about fun ways but I know places like Target sell gender test (they work like pregnancy test) that are 95% accurate by 12wks. just in case you can't wait lol.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Congrats! I just saw in a magazine that people are having the tech write it down, then it is given to a baker/whoever would be making your shower cake and then they are making either a pink or blue cake. The outside of the cake is gender neutral (in the picture it was white) and everyone finds out when the cake is cut!



answers from Orlando on

A friend of mine went to a "gender revel" party. The couple had asked the ultrasound tech to write it down and put it in an envelope. Then they gave the envelope to the mom to be's sister. She went out and bought a pair of baby shoes (the whole thing had been her idea and she hosted the party) she then wrapped it in alternating layers of pink and blue paper. How ever many were there for people at the party. The last layer was pink and blue with ?s all over it. That was so everyone knew when to give it to the mom and dad to open the last layer. Inside was a blue pair of baby nike's for a little boy.

At the party they had everyone dress in pink or blue, they had pink and blue stickys and a big paper for everyone to put their sticky on the side of their guess, then they had the table set with half pink table cloth, and there was "fancy girly food" finger sandwiches, a fruit tray, sparkling water, etc and the other half a blue table cloth with "man food" chips and dip, pigs in a blanket, sodas, etc.

I thought the food was the most creative part. They also had pink cupcakes on the girl side and I forget what the boy dessert was, but I think candy bars.

The whole thing was very cute, and put on by the future aunt.



answers from Denver on

I think your idea is AWESOME! How creative to have a party and involve your friends and family. You can even do a pool, and different games where people can guess what they think the gender is and include little fun prizes to those who are right.

The only thing I would recommend though is that you and your husband be the ones to open the envelope. That way you are the first to know and there are no hurt feelings because over who you selected to read the envelope.

I wouldn't worry about people thinking you are upset if you have another boy. Just tell people before you open the envelope that you really would be happy with either. I had two boys and my third was a girl and I can tell you it does throw you for a loop, and boys are SO much easier. = )

Enjoy and blessings to you and your new little one.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I heard of a couple that bought 2 outfits. One for a boy and the other for a girl. When they went to their ultrasound they asked the tech to put the gender appropriate outfit in their gift bag. When they told their parents they all found out together. The outfit could be as simple as a onesie or socks, etc. Best wishes for a healthly pregnancy.


answers from Kansas City on

we found out, i never could decide what i wanted, but when i found out it was a boy i cried (in happiness). we went out to eat to celebrate. i'm not sure about having a party (for yourselves) and then asking your friends to read it (for you). it almost seems like you're handing them the envelope and saying, "here, this is a present i got you to give me!" finding out the gender to me was an awesome gift, something to get to know my baby a little bit (just a tiny bit!) and it was really personal between hubby and me. actually, i guess it was more like, opening a gift and finally knowing what you got :) i will never share that precious moment with anyone else, ever.



answers from Denver on

We just had some friends who recently found out they were having a boy - the tech put the results in an envelope, which they gave to a close friend who went out to purchase balloons in the "appropriate" color and then put them in a box. They had a family party at their house and their 2 year old daughter opened the box and a bunch of blue balloons floated out! The pictures were great!

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