Ideas for Announcing the Gender of Our Baby

Updated on October 04, 2010
T.M. asks from Plano, TX
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We are pregnant with our 4th child and will be finding out the gender in a few weeks. We had fun revealing the gender of our 3rd child and I'm looking for ideas as to how to reveal/announce the gender of this one. With our third I had the doctor write the gender on a card and seal it in an envelope and then took it up to Dilllards and handed the card along with a pink and a blue onsie to the sales associate. She rang up the appropriate onsie while my back was turned and double bagged it for me. I took it up to gift wrapping and had them wrap the onsie, receipt and card. We then asked our parents and sibilings over and opened the present to revel the gender to all at once. I really don't want to do the same thing, but I'd like to do something. Do you have any ideas as to how to announce the gender in a fun way?

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Washington DC on

A blogger friend of mine had cupcakes filled with the correct color filling and then they were frosted pink and blue so that nobody knew...
They only knew when they bit the cupcake and they got to the filling.
I thought it was a cute idea!

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answers from Chicago on

I think this was on 19 Kids and counting... take the card to a baker, have them dye the cake pink or blue, and frost it with a non-gender color. When you cut into the cake, you'll know your gender.
Congrats!!! I'll be finding out next month - can't wait!

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answers from Dallas on

I immediately started thinking about the Johhny Carson Show. Remember he would put on a sumbrero looking hat and be "Carnac The Magnificent." Questions were "hermetically" sealed in a mayonaise jar by the accounting firm of whatever it was. Then he would make funny guesses of questions, and open the envelope with the answer. Maybe you could gather everybody for the reveal and do a version of that where it's more interactive. Involve the family that comes over in the fun. Let them vote what they think baby will be or something. They could vote by putting a blue or pink colored card in a secret ballot box or soemthing. Then you can do your reveal.



answers from New York on

love the way you did it for your 3rd, and love the cake thing!!!



answers from Las Vegas on

Kind of corny but fun if your family enjoys a racket. Buy a bag of large balloons and have the message written on on small piece of paper. All others get blanks. Shove the message and blanks individually inside the balloons and blow them up, tight. Everyone gets a balloon to pop and one will reveal the message. I haven't seen messages in a balloon since I was a kid, so I hope this all make sense to you.



answers from Amarillo on

A friend of mine did something along the cupcake lines. They had a party and had a cake made. When the couple cut into the cake the inside was the color specified to the gender. Everyone was standing around just like at a wedding when the bride and groom cut the cake. The surprise was that instead of pink or blue for the inside, they had told the cake person to do either purple for a girl or green for a boy. That way the two of them would know a split second before everyone else. When they cut into it, it was purple, so they looked at each other and hugged, then turned to friends and fam and said, it's a girl!

Another friend of mine had the doc seal it in an envelope then they waited until Christmas to open it with their fam. Not sure you could wait that long, though! I dont find out what I'm having with my babies because I LOVE to be surprised. Have fun!!!



answers from Philadelphia on

Friends of mine did the cake thing! Such an awesome idea. They actually did a double layer cake and had the middle layer of frosting dyed pink/blue, rather than dying the actual cake batter. Frost the outside of the cake in white with neutral or non-gender-specific decorations. It was so exciting to finally get to dessert time and find out that they were having a boy!


answers from Dallas on

Announce it thru your Christmas Card. For a girl, dress everyone in pink, (blue for a boy, obviously) take a family photo, make up a cute little rhyme and turn it into a Christmas card.



answers from Tampa on

Congratulations!!! For dessert I have served velvet cupcakes with pink frosting and pink sprinkles etc. Cake with a personal message would be great also. I like bgbmom's post also.

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