Fun Things to Do for My 1 Year Old Son

Updated on May 09, 2007
D.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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My 1 year old son stays at home with a nanny. I think he is getting bored staying at home. He goes to the park twice in the day and sometimes she takes him to a McDonalds play area but other than that he is pretty much at home. Is there a playgroup in the North Dallas/West Plano area that my nanny can take him to? Are there any activities for this age group that are offered at the recreation centers or libraries that he can go to?

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My son loved the children's zoo portion at the Dallas Zoo. The zoo itself is small but the kids area has a water feature that the kids can splash aroudn in and love!



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There are some ladies at my church that meet for play groups every now and again...if you would like me to get you in touch with them??



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Check with your local libraries... they should have a toddler time. I know the ones in Carrollton and Irving do. Some rec centers have actvities, but you usually have to pay for them. It's almost warm enough to go swimming... I know there are some splash pools in the Plano area.

Good Luck!




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There is a play area in the Willow Bend mall that my one year old son loves.

The Plano Library system has Rhyme Time Wed - Fri starting back Jun 4 (

Also check out GuideLive's Kids & Family page (,97308&amp.... There's always something going on in the area -- for example, there was a butterfly exhibit at the Willow Bend Mall last week.

Most of the Plano Parks and Recreation Summer classes are for kids 2 years and older, but there are a few for under two. (
Little Tots Tickles and Giggles (16mos)
Sign, Say, & Play (6mos)
The Beat Goes On (16mos)
Tiny Talking Hands (9mos)
Tiny Tunes (20mos)
Tumble Tykes (16mos)

I also like Lynda Morley's book for ideas for outings in the DFW area.
Her page is hosted on the AroundTownKids website which also has several ideas for outings and events. Check out the links on the train for separate pages for Plano, Allen, and McKinney.

The Collin County Kids website also has an event calendar and has links to libraries in the area plus story times for Barnes and Noble (

Here's a website for finding playgroups in the Plano area:



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I highly recomend I have 2 groups I organize. One in Allen and one in McKinney and we are always accepting new members. The one in Allen is called the Allen Area Playgroup and we already have 2 nannies as part of our group and 1 retired one. :) It says we are closed but if you are interested just email us. It's free to join!

Blessings, K. S.
Allen Area Playgroup & McKinney Working Moms Organizer



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The Carrollton libraries have toddler time. They are off for this month, but start back up in June. They do it twice a week. My son is 1 also and he loves it. There is also a mom's group for the north Carrollton area that I am a part of. We are all SAHM's, but your nanny is certainly welcome to bring him along to playgroups with us. Message me if you want more details. We usually meet at least once a week. She could also try taking him to places like Chuck E Cheese, the Wiggly Play center, Kids Muze, The Arboretum, the Dallas Zoo, the Aquarium, the Children's Museum at Fairpark, and of course the mall playareas. I recommend hitting the mall play areas prior to the mall opening when they are that young. My son enjoys going, but he gets intimidated when there are a lot of older kids around. Willowbend is the best one, in my opinion.

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