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Updated on January 18, 2011
L.R. asks from Aubrey, TX
6 answers

I'm looking at getting a new French door style fridge with the ice maker and water dispenser, freezer on bottom. Anyone love thiers? Let me know what kind you bought and why you love it. We're expeting our fourth and will need space, flexibility, and organization.

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answers from Denver on

Love our KitchenAid - french door, freezer on bottom. Water dispenser is INSIDE the door - so I like it better, but kids can't reach it as easy (only downside). Freezers on the bottom seem a bit smaller, but that works for us. The fridge is great!


answers from St. Louis on

Dont buy anything LG! Ugh! Pain in the butt!



answers from Dallas on

We bought the large Samsung with the in-door ice/water dispenser and absolutely love it! We ended up buying it at Lowes because they are the only store that has the one that has the in-door ice maker and a second ice maker in the freezer portion. We love all the extra room, and even though I was skeptical about the bottom freezer, I like that too. We have only had it for about 4 months, but so far we haven't had any problems!



answers from St. Louis on

I have a GE Profile fridge with french doors, freezer on bottom, ice maker in the freezer and water dispenser - however the water dispenser is on the inside, so you have to open one of the doors to fill a cup and it requires two hands, one to hold your cup and one to push a button - kind of a pain but not terrible.
I like ours alot - have had it 5 years.
We did have to have the main computer board replaced a couple months ago but it was still under warranty and the GE repair man came quickly and was in and out in about 30 min.


answers from Dallas on

We got a Samsung french door over the summer at the Sears Outlet in Carrollton. It had been returned due to a power cord issue (had never been used, they got home and it was defective-still had the plastic inside and everything), which they fixed and we got it for half price. It is great! Even when I go grocery shopping, the fridge still looks empty. We do have an extra freezer in the garage for big boxes and stuff, but it works great for us! If you go to the Sears Outlet (and there are more than just Carrollton), have them check in the back to see what they just got in. That's how we got ours. We had to wait for them to clean it and recheck it so it took awhile but it was worth it in the drop in price alone. Water and ice (crushed and cubed) are on the outside and super easy. Could not be happier. Good luck!



answers from Milwaukee on

go to look at her older posts about a month or so back. She does a great review on their new fridge.

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