Refrgiertor Shopping This Weekend

Updated on September 06, 2015
E.S. asks from Aurora, IL
18 answers

HI. after almost 11 years it is time to go Refrigerator shopping. So our family has grown in the last 10 years and now I have two teenage boys. It must be stainless and spacious. I will be looking for the cubic feet inside, something big and spacious. I will either buy a bottom freezer (most likely) or a side by side. What do you love/hate etc? I am hoping to catch a fabulous Labor day sale

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answers from Lakeland on

I love my french door fridge, it has loads of room inside with adjustable shelves. My bottom freezer has two drawers and we have a separate up right freezer in the garage.

I don't like side by sides, it is hard to fit everything you need in either side. You can't fit a wide box or platter in, like a frozen pizza or a sheet cake.

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answers from Washington DC on

very happy with my french-door samsung, bottom freezer, water and ice dispensers. huge, efficient and good looking.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I purchased an LG with a bottom pull out freezer about 7 years ago and I have had no issues with it so far (knock on wood!). The freezer part is fairly small (for us - we are a big family - but I also have a small separate freezer), but the space in the fridge part is great! The fridge doors are the "French doors", which is really great, too. It also has the full bottom pull out that is the width of the entire fridge - it would hold a huge sheet cake if needed!

The only thing I don't care for is the stainless steel - it is the old kind that shows every last fingerprint. I think that now it is pretty standard to have the "no show fingerprints stainless steel" but definitely check on that.

We also have an alarm on ours (came standard) if someone leaves the fridge open - a lifesaver with kids.

Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

I got a 27 cubic ft LG last year pretty good deal. Bottom freezer, stainless steal.

One thing you need to look out for with the big ones, does it fit through the door. I measured the kitchen but didn't consider the doors, thankfully our slider has a 36 inch opening if you take the door off.

Oh yeah and that sucker is crazy quiet.

I just want to add, in case you come back and look, on the Samsung recommendations it is hit or miss. If you go that way check the reviews. Some models are nightmares, others are wonderful. I have a 9 year old Samsung washer and dryer that has never given my trouble but reading the reviews some pieces of junk. Not sure why.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Love my LG French door bottom freezer!
Do you have an alcove that it slides into?
Measure that and get the most cubic feet for the area.
My space was a bit limiting but the model we got is DEEP.
I almost have to get on a chair to reach the back top area.
Also still loving the ice/water in the door a few years later. BUT the receptacle is smallish, so bags of ice are necessary for group things.
If I could change anything about it? Ice capacity.

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answers from Chicago on

I have to add another vote for Samsung frenchdoor freezer on bottom fridge. Love it!

I think it's a 27cu.ft. And the thing holds everything! You can really maneuver things around to fit what you need.

We had GE profile fridge same type (actually made by Samsung) that had to be replaced.

The newer model has a flexible handle for the freezer (great for kids), an ice maker in freezer (for parties), and the pizza/ storage bins can come out if you don't want to use them.

The original fridge had issues with the ice box (door) but no problems so far with the new one.

Just to point out when you get the ice maker water you lose storage space in the door, and the ice maker in the freezer can be shut off but you can store very little in that space.

We are a family of five and have not been too upset by the loss of space bc it is just so big.

I agree with the poster who said that bottom freezer do require a bit more effort to organize, but once you figure out a system it works out fine.

We also found out that Home Depot, Lowe's, etc have their own name/model number so make sure you have all the details from inside the fridge when you go to different places. Some of the stores were closing out certain models, (HD was but not Lowe's) so if you have the right manufacturer info you might get additional savings. You can also ask for manufacture rebates on top of sales bc sometimes they know they are updating a model and want to get rid of stock.

Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

Love the French door refrigerator but loathe the bottom drawer freezer. It's like a pit and you can't see what's at the bottom. It doesn't hold as much as the old freezer-on-top style, either, so I have to smash down boxes and bags to get the drawer to close. As much as I love the fridge portion, I don't think I'd get this style again.

Also, if you opt for stainless, be sure to pay more for the smudge-free kind. Our stainless came out before that option was available and it's a constant smudgy mess.

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answers from Wausau on

The most important thing is to accurately measure the space it will go in, including leaving room for the opening door hinge(s) and possibly the length of space needed for a pullout drawer.

My husband works in the tech department for an appliance chain, and they get a lot of returns because people don't measure their spaces correctly.

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answers from New York on

I love furniture and appliances. I'm probably a junky with it. LOL. If I were you I would check out some stores online and see what they offer. Stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Best Buy and others. When you narrow it down to brand and style then go to the store and look at it. Get a feel for it.

We purchased our GE fridge for a great price from Home Depot but all stores have great items. What do you really want? How much do you have to spend?

If my home was higher end I would have a Sub Zero Fridge. They are expensive but the best in quality and execution. If I had to get a stove I would buy a Wolfe because it is the best.

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answers from Norfolk on

We just got a Samsung French Door (with single ice/water dispenser) (no door-in-door - we read that the novelty wears off and the door-in-door doors aren't insulated as well as they could be so it's less efficient in keeping things cool).
It's only been a few weeks but so far it's working well and we're happy with it.

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answers from Portland on

We bought an LG French door freezer on bottom fridge - I had done tons of research and these had awesome reviews from many independent sites.

Here was my problem - it didn't fit. I have an older kitchen which we hope to remodel in a few years, and the fridge was just too tall - by a very minor amount, but we would have to move the cabinets above to get it in. So back it went.

I had measured - but none of the measurements included the little feet that the fridge stands on. It was that miniscule amount that was the problem. That's what the delivery guy told me anyways (said he had to return fridges quite often because of that). So just make sure you have room :)

Good luck :)

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answers from Boston on

Currently I have a standard sized traditional fridge (you know with the freezer on top) so I can't speak to ones w/ the freezer on the bottom....However, in my experiemce, I don't like the side by sides -- either side is too narrow --couldnt get a turkey nor a frozen pizza in the freezer and the fridge side is also too narrow for things like a sheetcake

(Go with the freezer on the bottom)

Good luck and have a great weekend

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answers from Dallas on

I personally like white appliances and that's what I have but most any good brand will give you the option of stainless.

That said, have a top of the line Kitchen Aid as my main fridge and I LOVE it. It is a side by side with water/ice dispenser.

I have higher end GE with icemaker, large fridge in my laundry room that I love as well. This fridge houses all the water, wine, beer, etc.

My daughter has a stainless LG in her condo with the bottom freezer drawer. This is huge and spacious. She does say it is harder to keep clean with no finger prints, etc than my white fridge. She is a college student and lives alone in her condo. She has my 20 yr old something Hotpoint in her garage for her water and drinks.

Quick story.. we just got my GE for the laundry room around Memorial day. We had been shopping and knew this was the model we wanted and it was priced around $900 at Home Depot so with taxes and delivery we were looking at close to $1200. We shopped at Nebraska Furniture Mart during their grand opening and it was a couple hundred dollars cheaper but still delivery fees and taxes add up.

We decided to go back to Home Depot to double check because I like to spend my money in my community. When we showed up, we found the model on sale, with a discount on top of that, Memorial Day no tax and free delivery. We jumped on that deal and I got fridge that I was about to pay a total of total $1200 delivered to my house for $630 by the time all the discounts were taken!!!! YIPPEE I was happy!!

Check Lowes as well because they are known to do the same sort of deals.

Have a good weekend!


answers from Springfield on

i have 3 appliances from kenmore. i hate them! the stove crapped out after 13 months, the dishwasher is screwing up and its 3 yrs old, and anything plastic in the fridge has broke. not because of rough use, just poor quality. (the crisper drawer broke because i had it full of food, (wento to bed after stocking it and when we got up the next day it was broken)
so whatever you do stay away from Kenmore!



answers from Atlanta on

We bought a Frigidaire and when it arrived we noticed it wasn't keeping things cold enough. So long story short - we called and had them bring out another to replace it and still not cold enough. Don't buy Frigidaire.



answers from Washington DC on

Just to second what Margie says below: Be sure whatever you buy is going to fit your kitchen. We got a large French door fridge two years ago with freezer on the bottom and when it arrived, I suddenly realized that it might not make it through any of the doorways into our old house. It did fit, and the delivery guys were great, but I should have measured the doors in advance. Also, the designated space for a fridge in the kitchen was set when the house was built in 1961 -- when fridges were much narrower! Fortunately we had plenty of space on the other side of the kitchen and had planned to put the fridge against a wall with nothing there, no cabinets etc. to get in the way, but if we hadn't had that space we would have had to pretty much remodel the cabinetry completely.



answers from Seattle on

We have a Sub-Zero fridge, and we love it. While I can't tell you the cubic feet off the top of my head, yet is spacious enough for a family of two adults and two pre-teen girls.

The freezer is a pull-out and holds quit a bit. Being a Sub-Zero, the temperature freezes the food well below 0 degrees F. and keep the food frown and fresher longer tun your regular freezer that keeps food at 25 degrees.

The fridge is great and we love it! Ours has drawers for fruit and veggies and a cheese drawer, and two or three adjustable shelves. Plenty of space for food and milk. What i like about this fridge is that the temp can be adjusted down to about 33-3 degrees, which is ideal. This keeps the food fresher longer, and has helped us reduce our food bill by a great deal.

The Sub-Zero is more expensive tun other fridges, but well worth it/ good luck.



answers from Oklahoma City on

For the bottom freezer I suggest you look for the things I like. I do NOT like the mesh/wire drawers. I want one that is solid so things don't fall out the bottom.

I like the pizza slot, we always have one in it.

I like the drawers that slide on the top of the freezer for things that I need quick.

There are a lot of fridges out there now that are wonderful and that meet a lot of needs.

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