Looking to Buy a Stainless Steel Fridge

Updated on May 13, 2014
L.P. asks from Plano, TX
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We just purchased a house in Plano and found out that the buyers did indeed take their stainless fridge with them. All the other appliances in the kitchen are stainless steel so I want to get the fridge to match. Anyone purchased a new fridge recently that has any advice? I prefer a side by side but other than it's been a long time since I looked. I can't go to the stores and look now since we are still in London.

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answers from Dallas on

We have a Kitchen Aid from Best Buy. I got it last year to replace my "top of the line" Maytag that was only 8 yrs old.

I love this fridge and it gets good reviews on Consumer Reports. I have the white one because that is my preference and what works in my house but they do have options.

I would stay away from Maytag and GE

Best wishes.

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We bought a new LG fridge in April. We like it a lot. I was looking for one with the ice maker in the door, rather than taking up shelf space. There is plenty of room inside and lots of storage options with movable shelves, etc. It is quiet, which is saying a lot because my in laws recently returned 2 refrigerators because they were very noisy just running and outrageously loud when using the ice or water dispenser. The only thing that is less than satisfactory about it is that the water dispenser on the front isn't intuitive to our guests. There are two different buttons to push, one for ice and one for water, but the arrangement is confusing to first time users and we sometimes get water splashed on the floor when they push the button for water but their cup is in the place for ice.

Sears and Best Buy both carry that fridge. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8827344&amp...


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answers from Austin on

I have a fridge for sale if you want its stainless steel and its a French touch screen fridge its only 4 months old call or text me if your interested ###-###-####



answers from Dallas on

We bought an Ultra Satin fridge. It looks just like stainless, but doesn't collect fingerprints. Also, I have been told that magnets will not adhere to stainless, and they do to our fridge. I am not sure if that is an issue for you. We bought ours at Lowe's; we also looked at Sears. Lowe's had the better price. Ours is a 25 cubic foot satin finish side by side with water and ice in the door, and we are very happy with it. It was less than $1600.



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Stainless steel fridges are a dime a dozen these days. They are more expensive than white or black, but come in every configuration: side by side, up/down, "armoire", etc. There are also different types of stainless steel surfaces; I recommend the type that doesn't show fingerprints. If you are on a budget, there is a Sears Outlet store in Carrollton on Marsh Lane that has close-outs, returns, "scratch and dent", etc. that is probably worth a look. Make sure your house in Plano has a water line to the fridge nook, and that your new fridge is equipped with a water filter.



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I just went through the same thing...I have a white fridge that's essentially new but then we bought another house that had all stainless so we had to get another fridge. I thought for sure that I knew exactly what I wanted--a stainless with french doors and freezer drawer(s) on the bottom, since that is the trend now. Well, all my research led me to purchase a Kitchen Aid side by side that had so much more cubic square space than the ones with the french doors, plus many other more useful features (such as the icemaker on the inside door of the freezer side, rather than taking up space on the freezer shelves).



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You seem surprised that the seller's took the fridge. If you thought it was supposed to stay with hte house, double check your contract. There is a section in the contract stating items that were intended to stay with the house (i.e. light fixtures, draperies, even a fridge). If the fridge is listed, you need to contact the real estate agents on both sides, as the seller's will most likely owe you a fridge at comparable value.

Welcome to Texas! There are several Kroger stores that will have your regional LOndon food in case you miss it! Although I can't imagine missing Marmite. :)



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We just moved into a new home and bought a stainless steel fridge. We were encouraged to buy the same brand as the other appliances because every brand has a different color/shine of stainless steel. I would have never thought of that! Good luck and welcome to Texas!!!



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My husband and I purchased one a few years ago that has the freezer on the bottom and two doors side by side for the frdige on top and we LOVE it!! The fridge is SO roomy that way because it is so much wider. We still get a lot of freezer space too, but I like that it is on the bottom kinda out of the way, because we used the fridge a lot more. We were just in Home Depot the other day and they have some really cool ones like ours that have all the bells and whistles.

We bought ours from Sears, but Home Depot, Lowes and Cons would be good places to search, and you can probably shop their websites. Hope this helps! Good luck with your search!

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