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Updated on November 30, 2012
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
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Our 2 year old is ready to sit at the kitchen table with the rest of us, and I am looking for a feeding booster seat. Any recommendations?

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So What Happened?

Fanged Bunny - That is funny, I just went to get our phone books the other day, and alas, we didn't have any! We don't use them anymore as we have google!!! =)

ETA: Yes, we have been letting him sit at the table with us about a week now, and he is continuously frustrated and standing up! So we need something that can help us keep him seated but allow him to be at the table with us. He is over his highchair!

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answers from Madison on

I used the Fisher Price booster (without the tray/lid) until he has grown up not to need a booster any more. You can adjust the height, so it is good for a long time. I got it second-hand so only paid a few bucks for it too...


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answers from Kansas City on

Honestly, I'd skip it unless she starts to get really frustrated and fussy. I went out and bought a super cute, squishy, award winning booster...spent at least $30 on it and it has been used about a total of 7 days between 2 children. The first few days they both loved it and then a few days later they chucked it aside and sat on their knees. My little one would carry it around the use putting it on top of step stools and tall chairs so he could reach higher things. I guess it did it's job of "boosting"! ;) I'd give it a few weeks and if you don't feel like her knees are working, go get one.

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you think your child wouldn't fall out of one of these, this is what we used and we loved it. I do think we kept our child in her high chair until maybe 3 years of age, though.


I know they have the ones that secure onto the table, too, and then they wouldn't fall out.


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answers from Grand Forks on

My kids sat on their knees.



answers from Washington DC on

We used something very similar to this. Bonus - easy to take along.


We also used her high chair as a chair up at the table for a long time. Just folded back the arms and adjusted the height and used it without the tray.



answers from Chicago on

If you have chairs ( we have a bench). You can use something like this. It worked better for my son than the booster chairs.



answers from Columbia on

That's funny. I have a booster seat with a tray I'm trying to get rid of. It's in perfect condition and we're selling it for $8. Cherryville isn't too far away from us if you plan to be traveling to or near Columbia. Just let me know. Here's the seat. Ours is green: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Safety-1st-Easy-Care-Swing-Tray...



answers from Syracuse on

We use the Lionheart brand soft booster seat for our two kids, ordered off amazon. They're great because they clean up super easily. They use them all the time, they definitely need something to sit at the table. I used to use the plastic fisher price travel booster seat I had, but it was such a pain to clean with all of the crevices...and at 2-2.5 he really didn't need to be strapped in at all!



answers from Portland on

We have a Kid Kraft wooden 'grow with me' chair, which I love. No sitting on knees, holds Kiddo high enough up to the table so that he can eat with a napkin in his lap. I love this thing. He's five and we're only just moving the seat down a notch.

That said, I did a search online and couldn't find it.
A quick story: for a shower gift, our friends bought us one of this style of chair through One Step Ahead: what we got was cherry-stained crappy plywood. Terrible quality and finish. We found the Kid Kraft one at a yard sale for $10 and snatched it up. No complaints.

Stokke has a similar one, the Tripp Trapp High Chair. It's made with beechwood and is solid. It's expensive, but consider it an investment.


answers from Topeka on

Walmart sells booster seats. You don't need anything expensive, just something that will attach to the chair and is safe. He needs to be buckled in so he can learn that the table is not a place to stand and play.


answers from Philadelphia on

his knees??
emmy always worked better sitting on her knees or a pillow or book then in an actual booster seat at the table


answers from Washington DC on

Just bought a Keekaroo Cafe Booster Seat for our nearly 2 yo. Works well and he likes it. I like that we can easily take it with us and it wipes clean pretty easily. It's also made in the USA, if that matters to you. I bought ours at Toys R Us, but only because we had a gift card.




answers from New York on

Once upon a time you can count on finding a hefty yellow pages to use in every home and establishment. We've got one by fisher price. Its really portable, and easy to strap on anywhere.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.

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