Booster Seat for 15 Month Old

Updated on March 15, 2011
K.S. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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I need advice on buying a booster seat for my 15 month old daughter. We just purchased a counter height dining table, so her high chair will be too low to use. I was looking at the kind that attach to the table, but they look a little sketchy to me. I want her to be safe and comfortable. Do you have one that you love or hate? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Thank all of you for your advice. It was greatly appreciated. I decided to go with the fisher price convertible booster seat. It looks comfortable and secure. I might try the kabooster when she is older, especially if we are lucky enough to have another baby. I did try the just between friends sale. I ended up with a summer wardrobe for Raelee, but no booster seat. :) Again, I really appreciate all of you taking the time to give me advice. It means a lot to me.

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answers from Dallas on

We love the Kaboost! It raises the chair. No booster seat required. Little kids sit like big kids.

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I don't have one that attaches to the table, but I have the Fisher-Price space saver high chair and I LOVE it!!! It actually converts to a booster seat, but it simply straps to the dining room chair. It's GREAT and a bargain at only $55. Don't know if there are any more children in your future, but if you plan to have more it's a great infant chair as well. Portable for trips and the whole deal. We take ours everywhere we travel!

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i have a counter high table and both my kids (now 2 and 3.5) used booster seats the entire time. I never even used a high chair with them. The fisher price one is great. it has a detatchable tray, with and without a cup holder, the seat height is adjustable as well...and MUCH easier to use than the safety 1st one. I also think you can get it secured tighter as well. I have both and got one while i was traveling, and by far like the fisher price better. they are great...when they get dirty..take em out back with some clorox clean up and a hose!
The one thing that you may want to do is keep a dish towel under the booster seat so that the wood stain does not wear off on the chair you are using....may even think about buying an extra chair for the set b/c it has (after 3 years) kind of trashed my chairs...however, it is old and after the preschool stage, we are planning on a new one anyway...

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I have used both the attach-to-table and the strap-to-chair and botha re wonderful and space savers. The attach-to-table does appear sketchy, but it really holds firm to place, so long as the foam or rubber where clamps to table is in-tact and the back spring is secure for clamp. Mine was almost 15 years old and used by 4 children, and still worked without a hitch!:) The strap-to-chair was our second seat, around 18 mos (I used with my first child), and again, we tightened to a secure, non-wobbly chair and had no trouble at all.



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Cannot guarantee but there maybe some for you to check out at this weeks sale with Just Between Friends. To find a local one for you check out the website Prices are usually better than department stores.



answers from Detroit on

I have the Fisher Price Healthy Seat. it attaches to the chair. it is very light weight, and can fold up for use at a restaurant, or anywhere. i have used it since my daughter's first feeding, and she still uses it at 3 1/2. it adjusts in height about 3 inches. the best part, is that the entire thing can be wiped down. no fabric to clean. i do recommend putting a towel between any strap on chair and your dining chair to protect it.



answers from Dallas on

I like Tina Van Z's answer - we have the same booster and it really is perfect plus it can go with you easily to another person's house. We've never used a "real" high chair. The kaboost is great too but she may be a bit too young. My son is two and I'm not sure if he's ready for it yet - depends on their maturity I guess. My 5 yr old is still using the kaboost so I guess when he can sit still we'll let him give it to his younger brother.



answers from San Francisco on

Go check out Walmart or Target. They usually have a variety.


answers from Denver on

We have owned both an expensive & cheap booster seat, our absolute favorite is the cheap one from Wally World. Go figure. It is the Safety 1st Deluxe Care Fold Up Booster: Straps on chair, super safe, convenient, easy to clean & dishwasher safe tray. Chair also works great with out tray & allow our daughter to sit at table & eat with us like a big girl. She has been using it since 9mo (currently 17mo) and will easily be in it for another year+, lots of room for her to grow with it.

Sidenote: My parents have a different Safety 1st Booster at their house and tray swivels & does not come off for cleaning, so annoying & challenging to clean.



answers from Dallas on

I would get a booster that attaches to the chair. If you have a counter height table, you must have counter height chairs too, right? Get a booster that straps to the chair so she's the right height and isn't attached to the table.


answers from Dover on

We bought one that attaches to your regular chair. There are several brands (we have the one that is super portable and soft).



answers from Springfield on

Ditto on the FisherPrice if you're going to have another. It really would be perfect, expecially at 15 months when they are not as prone to sitting still. We just bought a $15 booster seat at Walmart. It attaches to the chair and works great. We probably started using it at 18 months, but it's hard to remember.

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