Ear Cleaning in Toddlers

Updated on May 18, 2011
S.M. asks from Hampton, VA
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My kids have bad wax build up in their ears and I am not sure how to get it out. We tried peroxide and it softened it a little but my friend said it would bubble out and it didn't so the wax is still in there. What else can I do????

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answers from Norfolk on

The "Ear Tickler" uses warm water to gently remove earwax.
My son loves it. I've used the adult version.
It's very effective, gentle and safe.

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answers from Washington DC on

Before you put anything in your kids ears, call your pediatrician! My four year old has had ear issues since she was nine months old. We use a prescription ear drop in her ears to help get all the build up out. Once again, talk to your pediatrician before you do anything!

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I have one of those suction things (can't remember the name) that has two interchangeable attachments, one for the nose and one for the ear. I use a cup of room temperature to lukewarm water with a couple drops of tea trea oil. I have my dd/ds (almost 6 & 4 1/2) hold an empty cup under their ear while I use the tool to suck up the solution and then gently squeeze it into their ear and it drains into that cup. I continue until I no longer see buildup coming out or in the cup which is usually half a cup and then I do the other side with the other half of solution. I do this while they are standing about every 3-4 months.

*Of course and as advised earlier, consult your child's ped.




answers from Providence on

puuting peroxide on a cotten swab and very gently cleaning his/hers ear out like you would do your own works very well



answers from Norfolk on

I was told to leave it alone.
You can use the peroxide to soften and remove what you can around the outer edges w/ a qtip. But what you cant reach, you shouldnt reach. My kids too have tons of wax and usually have to have it scooped out in order to get their ears checked. They also have lots of ear infections as well, not that they are related.
But an over excess of wax can form a ball and will hinder their hearing and make for itchy ears. But that will need to be removed by a doctor.



answers from Norfolk on

My son was about 3 when the dr told me that he had REALLY bad wax build up in his ears...boy she was not kidding about that! He had visible balls of wax in both ears. The doc suggested that I try the ear wax removal kits you can get at the drug store. It comes with a bulb syringe and this oil stuff that you put in their ear. What I did with my son was have him lay his head on my lap and watch a movie. I would put the solution in his ear and gently rub behind his ear for a few minutes. Then I would have him sit up and hold a paper towel or washcloth on his ear to catch the "gunk". It worked great but it took a few days of doing this 2-3 times a day for about 5 minutes each time to get it all out.

I would ask your pediatrician about it, but it worked for me.

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