Updated on March 15, 2013
K.F. asks from San Jose, CA
5 answers

Going to buy a used dryer. Do you love yours? What brand? Want heavy duty and quiet. Thanks!

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answers from Atlanta on

Maytag or GE

We have Maytag for both and they're really durable, lasting machines - no problems

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answers from St. Louis on

Kenmore, Kenmore, Kenmore.....



answers from Phoenix on

Hello! We have a Kenmore Elite Oasis ST and I would not recommend it. While it has great programs, dries well (most of the time) and has a touch-up feature that I love, it also whines when it dries which is extremely annoying. Hope this helps!



answers from Washington DC on

I have a GE front-load dryer. Love, love, love it. Parents had a Maytag that lasted forever. Good luck! Haven't heard too many horror stories about any popular brand.


answers from Joplin on

For brands I normally go with Samsung, LG or Maytag only because their website offers all the specifics that you need to know. If you use bestbuy.com you can find models that fit your descriptions and specifics and can even compare. If you need help they always have the 1-800 numbers listed on their websites. Those are the top brands and they have the best technical support as well. I'm about to go shopping for a washer and dryer myself. I have worked for Best Buy and dealt with the associates there and as well as the Customer Service Reps for Samsung, LG and Maytag. All are great!

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