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Updated on May 27, 2010
S.S. asks from Pleasant Grove, UT
17 answers

Hi Moms,
We are in the market for a new washer and dryer... today!
It's an emergency, and we just need to buy a new one. Actually, it's our GE dryer that is out, but the pair is so old we are just going to upgrade.
Please tell me your favorites, and ones to avoid.
I THINK I prefer the top loading since I hear so much negative about front loading, and it seems like they are very high maintenance and that there are other problems with them. And I am used to top loading. We've had a GE for the past 10 years that has been awesome for us except for rattling and shaking when it's in the spin cycle! Probably not leveled properly. But,other than that, it's washed our clothes great. I've had no complaints.
SO if you have a model (top or front, but especially top) you love and it's not too high maintenance, please let me know!

Thanks so much!!

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answers from Denver on

Hi- I had nothing but problems with front loaders, so I'm back to top loading and I love mine.

I have the Kenmore Oasis. The agitator spins faster than some, so the clothes are less wet when going into the dryer. They dry very fast, so that's better for the environment (if that's a concern for you).

I like the idea of front loaders, I just don't think they have the 'bugs' worked out yet. A new top loader will be energy efficient and great. But I hope you like what you end up with!



answers from Denver on

I just went through the same thing in March and rsearched a lot. We bought the Maytag Bravos. It is HEand also top loader. It is also the largest capacity washer made. We have been thrilled, not to mention we went with the red color, which l also love. We actually ended up buying through Home Depot online and were happy with service and time of delivery.

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answers from San Francisco on

I LOVE my LG Tromm washer and dryer set!!! It's a front loading washer, but we have had no problems. I had thought I wanted a top loader too because it's what I was used to, but I couldn't pass up the deal on the rebates with the front loader so I went for it, and I never want to go back to top loading.

I had worried about what if I find a sock I forgot to put in the load--how can you add it after the load has started already? But it's no problem, you just push pause, open the door and put it in, and continue the wash. I had also worried about reports of front loaders developing bad mildewy smells. We leave the washer door open when it's not in use, so it can dry properly, and we have had NO problems with mildew. You just need to remember to move the finished load to the dryer in a reasonable amount of time. (If you forget about it and leave it in there for days, then you might have to rewash it.)

We noticed a drop in our water and power bills right away. It has been wonderfully gentle on the clothes while getting them good and clean. I can fit a LOT of clothes in it. And the washer and dryer stack to save space. We bought the extended warranty just in case, but haven't had to use it.

Our particular LG Tromm models are outdated now, but they have a range of models and prices depending on what features you want. We went with one in the middle. I've had it for about 3 years, and I am SO happy with it!



answers from Des Moines on

though they are front loading i highly recommend LG with true balance. They are awesome!!!!!!!! water and electric bill went way down. and they are so quite i can hear the clothes moving in the washer but not the washer running. freaked me out the first few times. lol our washer is not really that high maintenance when we were looking i was wanting a top loader too but i am sooo glad i got the front loading. we leave the door open til it is dry and wipe off the seal and have had no problems (they are much better now then when they first came out) the LG has a 10 year motor warranty on it. i have also found that i can use very very little soap and my clothes are still fantastically clean even when i forget to pre treat. good luck on whatever you decide. our research found that LG and Samsung are the best quality as most if the other brands are all owned by whirlpool. sears even switched to having LG make the Kenmore brand :)



answers from Denver on

I'm with Catherine on the Samsung VRT. We have the dryer from that set and a washer that has a silver bar in it that sanitizes without hot water. Great for our son with severe allergies. I agree, since switching to this, I don't use the boosters (Oxyclean, or whatever), and I've used the same bottle of detergent since September. Just on hot water savings alone, we'll have paid for the washer in less than 2 years. You add on top of that the money saved on detergent it will be much sooner. I haven't had any of the problems you normally hear of. Samsung has a lot of things they've done to take care of those. They also have the highest customer satisfaction.

I totally love the steam dryer, too. I haven't had to iron a tablecloth in 9 months! We use it all the time for other things, too.

The only thing I didn't realize when I bought these is the washer takes a very long time to wash. My M-I-L uses the short wash when she's here, and likes it. I haven't because I would have to use hot water to wash the clothes for the allergies.

GL! Hope you find something you like. It's not easy doing it in a rush. I know. We had one day to find these. Wouldn't trade them!



answers from Dallas on

I had a Maytag Atlantis that I loved. It is now sitting in my garage because when I bought it I did not buy the matching dryer. So when my drier went out I wanted a matching pair and for the first time a color. LOL So I got a Maytag 3000 series that I also love it is in red. Not sure what I am going to do with the Atlantis but when they delivered the new washer and dryer they were going to pick up the old and I asked what they were going to do with them and the answer was just take them to the dump. So I let them take the dryer since it could not be fixed and the washer is in my garage. I may have liked the Atlantis a little more than the 3000 series but I have only had the new set for 6 months. Both are easy to maintain and clean clothes very well. I have not had any problems with the front loader



answers from Denver on

I love my front loader! It's Kenmore and I've never had problems with it. It uses much less water than top loaders. I've heard of other pepople having problems with front loaders, but only with with brands like Bosch or Whirlpool.

If you do go with top loader, check out Kenmore. It's Sears' brand.


answers from Detroit on

I recently purchashed a GE Profile from Sears a couple months a gao. I love it! It's a top loader and the best feature about it is it has an auto sensor on it. You just put the clothes in and it weighs the load and knows exactly how much water to put in the load. you can set the knob to whatever size you want if you choose to but for those times when you may have to just a few items and you know that even on the smallest setting there will still be to much water this feature is great. and you get a rebate from your state for the Cash for clunkers for applicances. you have to apply for it after you purchase the applicance(it comes on a prepaid visa card) and you can get it for the washer and dryer as long as they are energy star. good luck.



answers from Denver on

I have to say, don't overlook the front loading machines. Our LG is awesome and the features on the newer ones are outstanding. After the first load, I noticed right away that our clothes are cleaner. And after five years of use, our clothes don't seem to wear out. The washer washes without ruining the material. Lastly, I remember pulling out the clothes from our old top loader, and the clothes would be very wet, even after a spin cycle. I feel better knowing that the front loader uses just enough water for the size of the load. I hope this helps. Good luck and happy washing!



answers from Salt Lake City on

LOVE the idea of a front loader - ours washes our clothes beautifully and it is so much better for the environment. That said, DO NOT buy a GE front loader - after speaking to washing machine repairmen, apparently GE makes excellent everything except front loaders - good luck!



answers from Dothan on

Roeper Brand is Generic Whirlpool! Same parts, same great quality. My washer i bought from a friend who used it for 2-3 years and it still going well for me without any maintanence for additional 5 years. Its a top loader. You can save cash on Buying Roeper than Whirlpool name. Also hit up the discount furniture/appliance places. Did you know a dent can devalue a 1k washer to almost nothing like 300 dollars. It worth looking into!


answers from Fresno on

I wouldn't go with top loading. Once you've used a front load machine, you'll be a convert, I promise. The clothes get SO much cleaner, and there's a lot less wear and tear on them. I've used front load for the past 10 years and would never, ever go back to a top load.

That said, we just bought a Samsung VRT steam washer - it's a front load with super capacity. LOVE IT! It is a thing of beauty. The clothes are CLEAN, my towels smell fantastic, and due to the steam cycle, I no longer need to use Clorox 2, ever. The spin cycle is almost silent. Highly recommend it.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

We have Maytag Atlantis we bought about 5 years ago. Top loader, electric dryer. Love them.


answers from Dallas on

I'd stay away from GE. I've replaced ALL my kitchen appliances that were GE due to them going out and/or being defective. Everything in my kitchen is now Kitchen Aid.

As for my washer, I have a great Maytag Neptune front loading set with has been NO issue whatsoever, however, I would not replace with Maytag because I feel their quality has gone way down since I got my set. I've heard of a lot more problems since I got mine.

Kitchen Aid is my favorite.



answers from Jacksonville on

I have a top loader without the agitator that most have. It's a front loader turned sideways. I love it.
Its the Whirlpool Cabrio. It also uses half the water and detergent. You have to use HE detergent though.
I had a Kenmore for 15 years. My hubby wsa tryign to fix it, it had stopped spinning and busted the oil pan. So I got the Cabrio. I have had it for 5 years and had to have the maintenance guy come twice for pennies that jammed the motor and once the computer went out. I think that was a manufacturer issue and it was resloved. I did buy the service contract.
I love it still, and my cothes come out drier than the old one.



answers from Wausau on

You should probably stay away from GE they aren't built the same (appliance repair man in the family). The new machines (energy star machines) are made so that the water coming out isn't extremely hot. He has had to go out on warrenty for people saying there is something wrong with their machines because of this...there is nothing wrong! Detergent is made to activate at i think 55 degrees (I think thats the temp) so the water just isn't overly warm. It doesn't have to be in order to clean the clothes. The Whirlpool Cabrio is a design from F/P. Whirlpool bought that design. My in-laws have it and my mil likes it. I've taken my king size comforter over to her house to wash it and it comes out very nice. No bunching up or torn material. It is a top loader. She chose the one with a small agitator just so she could get the fabric softener dispenser in it. But actually you don't even need fabric softener with this machine. It throughly rinses the clothing...the only reason you need fabric softener is because the soap isn't rinsed out of the material in most machines. The new machinces that bring water in then flush it out a few times then add the soap then rinse several times (like the cabrio) get the soap out!



answers from Chicago on

We just purchased a GE energy star 4.1 cu. ft colossal capacity high efficiency top loader washer #WHRE5550KWWW as part of the IL energy star rebate program last month. I had done a fair amount of research and this machine did very well by Consumer Report standards. It uses alot less water but the clothes still come out very clean. It also spins the clothes alot more reducing drying times. We had this machine delivered about 4 wks ago. No problems whatsoever. Love it!

Check to see if your state has had their appliance energy star rebate program yet. We were able to delay the purchase of this machine for a few weeks but saved alot of money in the process.

We were seriously considering a Bosch front load washer and dryer set due to the incredible deals but were ultimately limited by space. The doors on front loaders cannot be switched which was a deal breaker for us. We needed a washer with a right hinged door ---they only do left.

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